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What is Qantas Agency Connect?

Qantas Agency Connect is a dedicated online portal which provides Travel Agents with the tools to self-service their customers' bookings anytime. 

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Policies and Guidelines

Need guidance on how to service your customer's booking? We have collated the most helpful policies to assist you in this process. 

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Refund Policy

This policy outline the circumstances under which Qantas will issue a refund for a Qantas Ticket.

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Schedule Change

This policy allows you to self-manage your customers who have been affected by a Qantas schedule change.

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Qantas Explorer Fare

A multi-city booking fare product that offers travellers to customise their dream adventure down under.

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Qantas Group Travel

Sport events, family reunions, mining operations, conferences, incentives and more. If you are booking a group of 10 or more, or have 20 or more customers' travelling to the same destination for a common purpose, Qantas Group Travel has you covered.

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General FAQs

Relating to ticketing, use of the site, functionality and policies. 

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International FAQs

Relating to requirements for travelling overseas.

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Qantas Agency Connect FAQs

Relating to how to get your agency started with Qantas Agency Connect.

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Privacy and Security

This Privacy Policy explains how Qantas generally handles your personal information.

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Learning Hub FAQs

Relating to the use of the Learning Hub and troubleshooting.

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Flight status Phone: 852 2181 8888

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Qantas Refunds

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