Qantas Learning

Agents can connect with our learning programs via two main channels - the Qantas Learning Hub, and Qantas Virtual Classrooms. Both channels are brought to you by the Agency Learning team and offer engaging learning experiences to make you a Qantas expert in no time.

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Learning Hub

The Qantas Learning Hub is an online platform designed exclusively for travel agents. Available 24/7, the Learning Hub provides access to engaging and interactive learning modules and videos, covering our products, processes, policies, and global network. Plus, discover more with our destination guides, and modules developed in conjunction with our key partners.

Qantas Virtual Classrooms

Qantas Virtual Classrooms are designed to create an engaging learning experience for you. Live learning gives you the opportunity to connect with experts, grow your knowledge and build your skills.

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Reasons to Learn with Qantas

Modern platforms for a global audience

Offering online learning using modern platforms that suits a global audience.

Innovative and engaging

Creating engaging learning experiences that keeps users coming back for more.

Targeted with a range of topics

Learning opportunities that suit the market and that agents want. All content is reviewed for each region for language and suitability.

Designed to offer something more

More than just operational learning. We utilise videos, animations, interactions and a range of other learning mediums.