Passenger Contact Tracing

Domestic passenger contact information requirements

Health authorities have advised that collecting details for every passenger, as a matter of routine, will help mitigate COVID-19 community transmission from airline passenger movements across domestic borders and aid recovery for the domestic aviation sector and the economy more broadly. Routine and consistent data collection will also contribute to the measures already implemented to build confidence amongst passengers and jurisdictions in the reopening of borders to interstate travel.

The Australian Government has recently announced that all Australian Domestic airlines are to collect the following four data fields for each passenger on a mandatory basis: 

  • Passenger name;

  • Mobile phone number;

  • Email address; and

  • Postcode of residence.

 This data is to be collected through the following special service request (SSR) fields in the Passenger Name Record (PNR):

  • CTCE – Email address;

  • CTCM – Mobile phone number; and

  • DOCA-R – Post code of residence.

To assist all Travel Agents collecting this information, Qantas has commenced sending a message via your Technology Partner connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform and other technology systems, if any of these details are missing or identified as being possibly incorrect.

The mobile number and email address will also be used to assist Qantas to contact customers if there is a flight cancellation, schedule change or a disruption within the operational window in accordance with IATA resolution 830D

General Information

My customer does not have a mobile phone number.  Can I put into their booking their home phone number?

To speed up the contact tracing process, a mobile phone number is preferred however, in the case a passenger does not have one, home contact is acceptable. Qantas will prompt for a mobile number through a message to you in case it has been omitted in error. 

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Does this information need to be provided on Group Bookings and Charters?

The Australian Government has requested this information is supplied for all Qantas bookings.  We have been advised Qantas is able to provide one point of contact to act as the contact tracing representative for a group booking and charter.  

What is this one point of contact responsible for?

If the Australian Government requires contact tracing information, the nominated representative will be contacted and will need to provide the below information for all passengers at the time of naming and ticketing:


Mobile number

Email address

Postcode of residence

Will the nominated representative have the same timeframe as Qantas?

Yes, the nominated representative will need to provide this information within 4 hours of receiving the request

When will this information be required to be supplied to Qantas?

For Group bookings, this information will need to be provided at the time of naming and ticketing the booking.

For all charter bookings, the information will be required at the time of providing your manifests.

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When will my customer be contacted?

The Australian Government will contact Qantas directly if there is a need to contact passengers onboard an aircraft. Qantas will assist with providing flight manifests and contact information provided at the time of booking. Qantas will provide this information to the Australian Government securely and to be used by their designated contact tracing teams. Passengers can be contacted by the Australian Government up to 8 weeks after travel has been completed. Customers will also be contacted if there is a cancellation, schedule change or a disruption within the operational window in accordance with IATA resolution 830D.

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How will my customer be contacted?

In most cases, the need to contact passengers is of an urgent nature, the Australian Government will contact passengers using any and all forms of contact information provided.

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Formats for Customer Contact Details

Please refer to your Technology Partner for any additional information regarding requesting via the Qantas Distribution Platform.   

  Alternatively, please use the example entry formats below when adding Customer Contact Details.


Mobile: 3CTCM/614022345234-1.1
Postcode: 3DOCA/R/AU/2557-1.1


Mobile: SI.SSRCTCM QFHK1/614022345234
Postcode: SI.P1/SSRDOCAQFHK1/R/AU//NSW//2557


Mobile: SRCTCM-614022345234
Postcode: SR DOCA QF HK1-R-AUS-2557


Mobile: SSR CTCM SK HK1 614022345234/P1 
Postcode: SSR DOCA QF HK1 R/AU//SYDNEY/NSW/2557/P1

For additional support, please refer to your Technology Partner.

Optional language identifier may be included, e.g. AU, FR, ES, DE, IT
// represents the @ (at sign) if required for an email address
.. represents the _ (underscore) if required an email address
./ is represents the – (hyphen) if required for an email address