Payment options

When booking flights at, choose a payment method that suits you. Find out which options are available and conditions that may apply.

Forms of payment

The range of payment methods and the options available to you will depend on the country that your booking departs from and the amount of time left before you depart.

You may be offered one or more of the following payment options when making your flight booking:

Flight Credits

If you've received a Qantas Flight Credit, it may be used it may be used to pay for whole or part of your next booking.

You can redeem your Flight Credit through Manage booking, by entering the credit reference number and your last name.

Find out more about Flight Credits

Using multiple forms of payment

When making your flight booking, you may wish to pay using more than one form of payment. 

Online bookings

Payments for online bookings can be a combination of: 

Note: if your booking includes insurance or carbon offset, you won’t be able to use multiple forms of payment.

Bookings through a Qantas office

If you choose to make a booking through your local Qantas office, you may use up to two different forms of payment per person per booking:

  • two credit or debit cards, 
  • a credit or debit card, plus redeem Qantas Points, or
  • Gift voucher plus a credit or debit card.

Important information

* Bookings made through your local Qantas office and selected Qantas airport locations, web chat and social media channels may attract an additional booking fee per passenger per booking – see the Schedule of Fees for more information.

Disclaimer: ^ PayPal is available for bookings departing from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. 
PayID is only available for bookings departing from Australia.
Zip is only available for bookings departing from Australia.