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BPAY is a fee free way to pay for your booking through your financial institution.

How it works

  • Make your booking at least seven days before departure.
  • The BPAY Reference Number you'll receive is unique to each booking. Ensure you use the Biller Code and Reference Number shown, as it changes for each booking.
  • To allow enough time for your BPAY payment to be processed, including any payments made outside business hours, it is important that you access your banking facilities and complete the steps to pay before midnight on the same day of booking.
  • BPAY payments to Qantas take up to two banking days to be processed.
  • Your payment will be processed and your ticket will be issued within two business banking days of the date of payment. 
  • Once the full payment has been received, an e-ticket itinerary receipt will be sent to your email.

Additional conditions

  • BPAY payment is accepted from cheque or savings accounts only.
  • Full payment must be made in a single BPAY payment - split payments, including top-up BPAY payments, aren't permitted.
  • BPAY is not eligible as payment for fares booked using Qantas Points.
  • If your booking contains an amount for carbon offset, then you won’t be able to use BPAY as a form of payment.
  • If your booking includes insurance, then you can pay for your flights with BPAY, however you’ll need to include a credit card for the insurance payment.

If you make a mistake when paying by BPAY

  • If you have paid too much, contact your local Qantas office for assistance.
  • If you paid the wrong biller code or customer reference number, contact your financial institution for assistance.
  • If you paid the bill twice, contact your financial institution to ensure the reversal is successful. We'll only accept the first BPAY payment, and any further payments will be reversed.
  • If you paid too little, contact your local Qantas office for assistance, as we're unable to accept any top up payments through BPAY to cover the difference. 

Paying with BPAY

Step 1

Choose BPAY as your payment option and accept the BPAY conditions.

Step 2

Your BPAY Biller Code and unique Customer Reference number will appear on the confirmation page and will be sent to your email address. You can also find your BPAY details when you log in to your booking at Manage booking.

Step 3

Now just use your banking facilities and follow the prompts to transfer payment from your cheque or savings account before midnight (local time of your departure city) on the same day of booking and your booking is complete.


Important information

Disclaimer: * Some financial institutions may charge a fee for certain payment methods – check with your financial institution for applicable fees or charges.