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Things happen, and when they do you may need to know how to change your travel plans.

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Due to high demand, we're experiencing some delays in call wait times and the processing of Flight Credits, refunds and other options.

If your flights were booked through a travel agency or third-party website, contact these companies directly for assistance.

Check your booking or flight status for the most up-to-date information on your flights.

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Things to know

  • Check your Fare Type for fare conditions and fees.
  • Flight changes apply to every passenger in your booking. If you want to change flights for individual passengers, you’ll first need to separateOpens external site them from the booking. These passengers will be placed in a new booking with a different booking reference and you can make the changes you need.
  • We're here to help. If you don’t have access to make the change online, call your local Qantas office. Service fees may apply.

Customers with travel plans impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you’re due to travel on a Qantas flight and wish to change your plans, refer to booking changes and other options.

If we've cancelled your flight, for other options, including a refund, contact your local Qantas office.

Changing your booking online

If you know your fare conditions (check your Fare Type) and you're ready to make your flight change, simply choose the option suitable for your needs:

Date and time changes

  1. Retrieve your booking by entering your details below (you’ll  need your booking reference, which is found on your confirmation email). If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer, log in to My Account, then go to flight booking and select ‘Manage’ to change your booking.
  2. Select the red 'Change' button in the Flights panel.
  3. Make your changes and accept any change fees or fare differences, if applicable.

Destination changes

Need to change the departure or arrival port? First you’ll need to request a Flight Credit.

Once you have your Flight Credit, you can book your new flights:

  1. Retrieve your booking by entering your details below (you’ll need your Flight Credit reference, which is found on your confirmation email). If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer, log in to My Account, then go to flight booking and select ‘Manage’ to change your booking.
  2. Select the ‘Find Flights’ button to select your new flights
  3. Make your changes and accept any change fees or fare differences, if applicable.

Change booking

Ready to change your booking? Enter your details below:


Changing your Classic Flight Reward booking

You can change the date and time for a Classic Flight Reward booking up to 24 hours before you depart (refer to the terms and conditions - fee schedule for fees).

Simply follow the steps for date and time change under How to change my booking online. Make sure the Frequent Flyer who paid for the original booking is logged in.

Reasons why you’ll be unable to change your Classic Flight Reward booking online:

  • The booking wasn’t created online
  • You wish to reroute your Classic Flight Reward booking
  • Your first flight departure is inside 24 hours
  • Travel has commenced (International and trans-Tasman Only)
  • The booking hasn’t been ticketed
  • The booking has previously been changed
  • Your booking contains a Classic Flight Reward combined with a non-Classic Flight Reward.

For assistance contact Flight Reward and Priority Reservations to change your booking. Service fees may apply for changes made through a Qantas office.

Which bookings can I change online?

This table covers a list of booking types, and what date and time changes can be done online. Contact your local Qantas office for all other changes, including name, travel class, and changes for unaccompanied minors. Service fees may apply.

Types of flight bookings that can be changed online
Changes to date and time of booking Domestic International and partner airlines Reward bookings
One-way bookings
Yes Yes Yes
Return bookings
Yes Yes Yes
Multi-city bookings
Yes No Yes
Partially travelled bookings
Yes Yes Yes
No show
No No No
Yes Yes
Multiple changes
Yes No Yes
Classic Reward combined with non-Classic Reward No    No    No   

Made a mistake while booking?

For bookings made at, we’ll give you until midnight on the same day you make your booking to let us know you made a mistake, and we’ll correct your flight details with no change fees. Read about same day no mistake.

Travel agent and third party bookings

If you made your booking through a travel agent or other third party, check your fare conditions to make changes or cancel your booking.

When your ready to make the change you can do this by:  

  • if travel has not commenced, contact your travel agent;
  • if travel has commenced, you can contact your travel agent or call your local Qantas Office (service fees apply).

Important information

Changes must be made online at (English sites only) and are subject to availability and your fare rules.

Disclaimer: Service fees may apply for bookings changed through Qantas Contact Centres and Qantas airport locations, as well as changes made via web chat and selected social media channels in some countries.

Disclaimer: ~ Multi-city bookings are those with more than one stop, or where you are not returning to the same point of origin. Note: Multi-city bookings with a Jetstar flight are not eligible to be changed online at

Disclaimer: + All changes are subject to Classic Flight Rewards seat availability in the relevant class and may require payment of additional points. Charges and taxes may apply. Changes that require a ticket to be re-issued are not permitted within 24 hours of departure or once travel has commenced. Changes are not permitted on any Classic Flight Rewards flight paper ticket booking once travel has commenced. To make changes to bookings which include travel to Hong Kong or Vancouver, contact us.

Disclaimer: # The fare rules will vary depending on the type of Points Plus Pay - Flights booking you have redeemed your points for. Check the fare conditions when you make your booking at

Disclaimer: ++ Changes are permitted once on