Customer Charter

Our commitment to you.

We are Australia's leading premium airline and we are dedicated to being the best.

We aim to meet your expectations every time you fly, and so we continue to invest in our business and will always strive to provide you with an exceptional level of service.

Your wellbeing is our priority. Thanks for respecting each other and our team, and helping to create a positive environment for everyone.

With this charter, we want you to know what you can expect whenever you choose to fly on a Qantas (QF) coded service from anywhere in Australia. Below we set out our commitment to you and provide links to our website where more detailed information is available.

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1. We will never compromise on safety

Safety will always be our first priority. We will never do anything that undermines this core commitment.

2. We are committed to getting you and your bags to your destination on time

Our aim is to get you to your destination on time, every time, with your baggage. Find out more about our on-time performance.

3. We will look after you if things don't go as planned

Delays and Cancellations

We are committed to on time performance however sometimes bad weather, natural disasters, technical problems, operational and other issues can cause flight delays and even cancellations.

If this happens, we will do all we can to fix the problem and keep you informed of developments and the choices that are available to you.

If we become aware at least two hours ahead of your scheduled departure time that your Qantas operated domestic flight will be delayed more than 45 minutes or cancelled, we will use the contact details you provided in your booking to let you or your travel agent know.

We will also do this for international departures from Australia, if we become aware at least four hours ahead of your scheduled departure time that your Qantas operated flight will be delayed more than 60 minutes or cancelled.

If your flight is cancelled, we will offer an alternative flight on our services to get you to your destination at no additional cost to you. If we cannot offer you suitable alternative arrangements we will provide you with a full refund for the affected flight.

In the unlikely event that your flight is delayed overnight for reasons within our control and you are away from your home port, we will provide you with meals, accommodation and transfers.

We will provide you with any further assistance required by the laws of the applicable country if your travel on a Qantas operated flight is disrupted outside Australia.

Overbooked Flights

We take the utmost care in managing each flight, but on rare occasions a flight may be overbooked and we may need to seek a volunteer to change to another flight. In the unlikely event that there are no volunteers, we may need to ask a passenger to change to another flight. If this happens to you, and you arrived on time for your confirmed flight with all required documentation, we will rebook you on the next available flight on our services at no additional cost to you. Alternatively, if you no longer wish to travel, we will refund your fare.

Change of Aircraft

If there are insufficient seats in the class in which you booked, for example due to a change of aircraft, we will offer you the option to travel in a lower class or on the next available flight to your destination in the same class. If we cannot offer you suitable alternative arrangements, we will fully refund the fare for your affected flight.

Delayed Baggage

If you arrive at your destination, which is not your city of residence, and your baggage is delayed for more than 24 hours, we will provide for your purchase of basic comfort items while we continue to track down your baggage.

These commitments to you are in addition to any other rights you have under our Conditions of Carriage. Read more about our Conditions of Carriage.

4. We will look after you if you have specific needs

We warmly welcome passengers with specific needs and have developed a detailed guide for customers with a disability, as we want you to be aware of the services we offer, so that we can look after you most effectively.

Find out more information for customers with specific needs.

5. We are always on hand to help

We will always be here to assist you with your travel needs. If you can't find what you need on, you can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from within Australia on 13 13 13. When you are overseas you can speak to one of our local representatives.

Find out how to contact us.

6. We value your opinion

If you have feedback about our performance, we want to hear about it, as your feedback helps us to identify and address issues with our service. You can provide feedback about your travel experience to our Customer Care team by using our Customer Care Form, or by calling our dedicated team 24 hours, 7 days a week on 1300 659 161 within Australia or +61 2 8222 2532 outside Australia. Alternatively follow us on Twitter - @Qantas.

We'll acknowledge your feedback within five business days. While we endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as we can, every case is different and some more complicated matters may take longer to resolve.

Our aim is to resolve any complaint or concern where it happened so we encourage you to speak to our staff at the point where the issue has occurred. Whether it be making a booking, at the airport, on board our aircraft or any other area of the Qantas service experience, our people are here to help and welcome the opportunity to make things right.

The Airline Customer Advocate

The objective of the ACA Scheme is to facilitate, in accordance with the Complaints Process, the efficient resolution of complaints about Airline Services that have not been resolved by direct communication between the Eligible Customer and the Airline under the procedure provided in the Airlines Customer Charter.

You can contact the ACA at external site in a new window or write to them at:

Airline Customer Advocate
Level 18, 363 George Street, 
Sydney NSW 2000

7. We will protect your personal information

We respect your personal information and treat it with the utmost security. You have the right to access and correct the personal information we hold about you and we'll respond to your request within 10 business days.

Find out more about our privacy statement.

8. We support environmental initiatives

Qantas is committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation across all levels and functions of our business. We aim to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and have targets and commitments to guide our performance. You have the opportunity to join us in reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the environment with our 'Fly Carbon Neutral' scheme.

Find out more about our environmental commitments.

For customers who require more information regarding the charter, contact Qantas Customer Care and we can send you our Customer Charter and any related information you require.