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Qantas Group Engineering Academy

Qantas’ safety reputation is enhanced every day by the work of our team of aircraft engineers. And we're looking for the next generation of world-class engineers.

About the Academy

Line maintenance on Airbus A380

With more than 100 years of engineering excellence in Australia, Qantas trains our aircraft maintenance engineers to the highest standards.

Over the next decade, the Qantas Group alone will need hundreds of new engineering recruits every year to meet growth as well as attrition as current engineers retire.

To build a pipeline of engineers in this country and shape the next generation of engineering talent we're establishing the Qantas Group Engineering Academy.

The Engineering Academy will provide aviation engineers for the Qantas Group as well as the broader aviation industry, including defence contractors and general aviation.

We expect the typical entrants to be high school or university graduates with an interest in a career in aircraft engineering.

We'll be releasing more information about the academy in the coming months.

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