Here’s What the Qantas Editors Never Fly Without

Carry on packing tips plane

Packing your carry-on bag before a flight can be a tricky task. From popping your liquids into a clear bag for security to ensuring that your portable battery isn’t in your checked-in suitcase, it’s all too easy to forget the little things. Not sure what to bring? We asked the Qantas editors to share their top tips on what to pack in your carry-on.

1. Cashmere everything

Everyday Cashmere Scarf

“I am all about comfort and staying warm. Cashmere is that little bit more expensive but investing in a wrap, sweater and socks keeps things cosy. I generally stick to neutrals (grey, black, cream) but I do have a gorgeous green wrap from Everyday Cashmere that works as a blanket on the plane and a scarf on the ground.” – Kirsten Galliott, Head of Content

2. An array of toys and activities

Ipad Kids Games

“If I’m travelling with the kids, it’s a whole bag of activities or toys they have never seen before (already out of the packaging because you don’t need that extra rubbish). The aim is to just cycle through them and if I get 20 minutes out of one toy each cycle, it has done its job. And when that fails, an iPad, because there are no trophies for no screen time on a plane.” – Jessica Irvine, Content Director

3. A silk sleep mask and ear plugs 

Slip Silk Mask

“I’ve road-tested pretty much every sleep mask out there and the best are from Slip. They are soft and padded, with a just-right strap that keeps the mask in place without it digging into your skin. Teamed with reusable silicone Happy Ears earplugs (which come in three sizes), it’s the only way I can get to sleep on a long-haul flight.” – Sandra Bridekirk, Deputy Copy Director

4. Ginger lollies

“As well as books I never read, a comfy outfit I never bother changing into and work I never actually get done, I always pack a box of Gin Gins ginger lollies – they help with travel sickness and are a palate-cleansing treat between meals. Also, I used to carry a canvas tote and spill everything under the seat in front of me. I recently got an Antler carry-on and feel much more organised – and less annoying to fellow passengers!” – Faith Campbell, Deputy Content Director

5. Moisturiser and a foam footrest

Chanel Le Creme Main Moisturiser

“My skin’s default is dry anyway, so slathering on a moisturiser mid-flight is a non-negotiable. I love Chanel’s iconic ‘egg’ capsule, La Crème Main. Dryness is not my only problem; my legs swell up on long-haul flights and I hate wearing those compression stockings. This foam footrest gently elevates my shoeless feet by hooking onto my tray table – it’s like a hammock for your feet – and all without disturbing the person in front of me.” – Natalie Reilly, Content Manager

6. Knitting needles and a ball of wool

Knitting needles and wool

“Fun fact: yes, you can bring knitting needles with you! I keep mine in a separate plastic pouch and use bamboo ones, which seem more friendly. There’s always a scarf or hat that needs to be knitted and the plane is a perfect spot to keep your hands busy while watching a movie.” – Karla Courtney, Digital Director

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7. Bepanthen 

“I’m not even joking. This baby bum cream is the only thing I put on my lips. It moisturises, softens and protects, so my lips don’t feel tight or dry in the high altitude. I have it in all sizes.” – Pippa Duffy, Copy Editor

8. A cosy hoodie

“Especially for a long-haul flight, when you really want to settle in, you need that comfy (and hygenic!) layer between you and the seat/wall/window when you're smooshing your face right in for a nap. Cocooning inside a hoodie also helps block out some of the light and movement around you.” – Mark Brandon, Content and Partnerships Editor

9. Electrolytes, water bottle and hotel slippers

“Staying hydrated when flying seems to help me feel less jet-lagged once I arrive at my destination. I take Hydralyte tablets and a reusable water bottle to refill at the back of the plane. I also pack a travel nose spray (Flo Travel Nasal Spray) and I bring a pair of disposable hotel slippers from wherever I last stayed and slip them on when I need to use the bathroom. It’s a daggy look, but it does the trick." – Hana Jo, Digital and Content Operations Lead

10. A crime podcast and a playlist 


“You better believe I’m going to spend my time in the air obsessing over a flawless playlist for all holiday road-trip situations! Also, with all that time to myself, why wouldn’t I solve a murder that has baffled actual detectives for decades?” – Tracey Withers, Content and Partnerships Managing Editor

12. A book

“As much as I love a flight to catch up on all the TV shows and movies I’ve had on my must-watch list, I do love some screen-free time. I’m a sucker for an airport book purchase, so I’ll usually board the plane with multiple books.” – Natalie Babic, Branded Content Senior Editor

13. A sheet mask, baby powder and a tech organiser

July Tech Kit Organiser

“Flying is a unique opportunity to grab some ‘me time’, so I like to pamper myself with an extravagant sheet mask (Heartwood Royal Treatment). On a long flight, I’ll also bring some baby powder in a sandwich bag and massage it into the roots of my hair just before landing – it’s a great alternative to bringing a whole dry shampoo aerosol. But my latest essential is this July Tech Kit organiser case – its semi-translucent shell means I can see what’s inside without needing to open it up.” – Christina Rae, Digital Editor

14. Silk scrunchies

Slip silk scrunchies

“If you want to keep your hair off your face mid-flight but still be able to take it out when you land without any bumps, these Slip silk scrunchies are perfect. They hold your hair up but leave you without headaches and, when you take them out, your hair looks untouched.” – Anneliese Beard, Digital Producer

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