How Your Everyday Expenses Could Earn You a Holiday

Family holiday at the beach

Planning a family holiday? No doubt you’re already trying to balance different expectations: your partner wants somewhere to disconnect from work, your teenager insists on private space and your youngest just wants to hit the pool.

Well, there’s at least one way to make the planning process easier – making your family’s everyday expenses work double time.

Groceries, household bills, transport – they’re things that need to be paid but if you do so with a Qantas Points earning credit card, you can earn points for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases to put towards booking your next break.

All major Australian banks offer the Qantas Points earning credit cards and there are more than 50 different cards to choose from. Each card has different benefits, including the opportunity to earn up to 130,000 bonus Qantas Points, complimentary lounge passes and up to 2 Qantas Points per dollar spent on the card^.

Combine your new card points bonus of up to 130,000 points with an annual spend worth almost 50,000 points# and you could earn enough points to put towards booking your flights and even your accommodation through Qantas Hotel’s Classic Hotel Rewards.

For example, the average Australian spends $6000 on dining out#, $12,000 on groceries# and almost $25,000 on paying household bills# such as water and gas every year. Pay for all of these with a Qantas Points earning credit card and you could earn up to 43,000 Qantas Points# – that’s more than enough points for a return economy trip to Fiji (36,000 points, plus taxes, fees and carrier charges).

So, what other regular expenses do you have that could help boost your points balance?

How about school fees, uniforms, technology and sports expenses? For a family with three children at a government high school, paying the almost $12,000* per year in school-related expenses – including clothing, travel, computers and extracurricular activities – using a card that earns you one point per dollar could earn you 12,000 Qantas Points.  A Classic Reward flight from Sydney to Melbourne is only 8000 points (plus taxes, fees and carrier charges).~   

Or, if you have two children who attend a systemic high school, the $28,000* spent on school fees annually can cover a one-way fare to Fiji**, reducing the cost for a family holiday spent snorkelling, exploring stunning waterfalls and learning about island culture.

Have two kids at a private school? Depending on how much you typically spend on school fees each year, you can use points earned to purchase up to four Classic Flight Rewards seats from Sydney to Brisbane for a family getaway on the Gold Coast**.

Wondering how you could be earning more without spending more?

Explore the range of Qantas Points earning credit cards and start earning points to help fund your next holiday at

Click here for terms and conditions.

*Including fees, extracurricular activities, clothing, travel and computers and based on estimates by Australian Scholarship Group

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