In-Flight Beauty Tips with Rae Morris


Make-up artist and creator of the Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Range shares her in-flight beauty secrets.

What’s in your inflight beauty bag?  

Pure lanolin. I load up my feet with it then put the Qantas socks on. When I land, I have the softest feet.

What’s one product you can’t live without?

Foundation. Having amazing, youthful and even-looking skin is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Your latest beauty discovery?

Rosehip oil is not new but a few clients have been using it for pigmentation and it’s been pretty incredible. Another product, Egyptian Magic, is an all-purpose skin cream used backstage at Paris and New York fashion weeks. It’s been around for more than 20 years and Mecca Cosmetica has brought it to Australia. We use it to highlight the skin; it gives incredible shine. It’s the kind of formula that really glows on the skin, eyelids and cheekbones.

What’s an instant fix if you’re looking tired?

Foundation, eye drops and top eye make-up only. When you’re tired, you look heavier under the eyes. For puffy eyelids, use matt, not shimmery, eye shadow. 

What’s one thing many women get wrong?

When you apply blush too low, your cheeks “drop” so keep it high.

When it comes to skin care, what do we often overlook?

I always say to women, “If your skin isn’t great, see a dermatologist – someone who specialises in skin and is not all about one brand and [selling it to] you.” 

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