In-Flight Beauty Tips with Napoleon Perdis


The founder of Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics has some advice for staying dewy in the air: hydrate, illuminate and invest in a sponge.

How do you stay looking glamorous on a flight?

Hydration! Try using a hydrating spritz before, during and after a flight; it’s the quickest way to boost your skin’s moisture levels.

What’s an instant fix if you’re looking tired?

A luminiser. Apply it with fingertips to the top of the cheekbones to lift the face and on the inner corner of the eye to open the area and add a gorgeous glow. The result is instant!

Is there a budget beauty buy that’s best in class?

Sponges have made a comeback. They can be used in so many ways for priming, base and blush application, buffing and blending. Latex-free sponges are best.

What’s one make-up trick every woman should know? 

Do your brows and mascara first to open and map out the shape of the eyes. You’ll find you won’t need as much make-up.

When it comes to skin care, what do we often overlook?

Sleeping in your make-up can result in premature ageing, snapped eyelashes and skin reactions. Cleanse twice nightly (also known as a double cleanse) to ensure every inch of make-up is removed from the skin.

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