It's Time to Discover the Island Paradise of Palawan


Aquamarine waters, lush 
palm forests, exotic wildlife 
and unspoilt fishing villages. Yes, Palawan Island has it all, which is why it’s fast forging 
a reputation as the world’s 
new favourite island escape.

One of the 1780 islands 
of the Philippines’ Palawan archipelago, it’s home to hidden lagoons, white-sand beaches, spectacular limestone cliffs 
and amazing zoology (there 
are more than 600 species 
of butterfly, just for starters).

It’s luxe yet affordable, 
with eco-conscious resorts treading lightly on their 
pristine piece of wilderness; 
a destination geared equally 
to the thrillseeker and the hammock dweller. And the icing on the cassava cake? Palawan sounds like it’s a long way from civilisation but your holiday begins just over an 
hour by plane from Manila.

For families

Palawan with kids is a mighty 
good plan. The island has several family-friendly resorts, including Miniloc Island Resort, an eco escape with overwater thatched-roof rooms and cottages that sleep up to 
four, its own beach club and 
a kids’ activity centre. Puerto Princesa, the capital of the island province, is regularly voted one 
of the cleanest, greenest cities 
in the Philippines. Grab a kayak 
and paddle on the calm lagoon 
or don a mask and snorkel to better see the mesmerising 
sea life below. Taking a spin in 
a traditional bangka (outrigger canoe) will keep all ages happy.

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For couples

It’s not hard to slip into a romantic frame of mind on Palawan, with its luminescent blue waters, scalloped fringes of sand and towering limestone cliffs. Chartered boat operators will take you on a half- 
or full-day island-hopping trip to secret beach coves, where you’ll feel like you’re the only people in the world. If you really want to get away from it all, an operator such as Tao Philippines can organise a private boat safari, visiting remote islands 
and camping in style on deserted beaches. Whatever you choose, the Palawan sunsets are reliably spectacular and best enjoyed 
with a cold drink in hand.

For luxury travellers

Parts of Palawan can be rough 
and ready, with a patchy electricity supply, but you won’t be forsaking any creature comforts at Two Seasons Coron Island Resort 
& Spa. Located on 
a secluded island 40 minutes 
by boat from Busuanga, to the north of Palawan Island, it’s an exclusive, eco-conscious retreat 
of 42 bungalows, complete with every conceivable spa treatment, transparent kayaks, submersible scooters and a bar that boasts views of both the east and west beaches on its narrow spit of land.

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For thrillseekers

It’s not all rest and relaxation on Palawan. The island has some of the best scuba diving in the world, with shipwrecks to explore at the bottom of Coron Bay and endless reefs forming an underwater universe for long-nosed dolphins, endangered sea turtles and colourful fish. Make sure you take 
a canoe down the 8.2-kilometre-long Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage site comprising a vast network 
of limestone caves accessed via 
an improbably small sea opening. Palawan is also known as one of the Philippines’ last hiking frontiers. Whether you’re looking to exert yourself for a couple of hours 
on the 3.5-kilometre Jungle Trail near the Underground River or for 
a few days to reach the dizzying heights of Cleopatra’s Needle, 
this incredible jungle wilderness 
is sure to deliver. 

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