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Change flights

Things happen, and when they do you may need to know how to change your travel plans.

Changing your booking

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Check the fare rules for any restrictions and fees

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Check to see if you can change your booking online

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Change your booking at Manage booking

If you can't change your booking online, contact us

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Things to know

Before changing your flights, there are some things you need to consider.

  • Check your Fare Type for the conditions that apply to your flights and any fees that may apply. You may also need to pay a fare difference.
  • Any changes you make to your flights will apply to every passenger in your booking. If you want to change flights for individual passengers, you'll first need to separate them from the booking. These passengers will be placed in a new booking with a different booking reference and then you can make the changes you need.
  • We're here to help. If you don't have access to make the change online, call your local Qantas office. A change booking fee may apply.

Travel agent and third-party bookings

If you made your booking through a travel agent or other third party, and your fare rules permit changes to your booking, contact your booking provider for assistance.

If travel is imminent and you're not able to contact your travel agent or third-party booking provider, call your local Qantas Office (Service fees may apply).

Ancillary products

If your booking includes pre-selected seat requests or pre-purchased additional baggage, refer to the applicable terms and conditions for more information.

If your booking includes a car or hotel reservation, or travel insurance purchased when booked with your flight, contact these providers directly if you require changes to your booking.

Flights changed by Qantas

If we've changed your Qantas flight, visit Flight changes by Qantas for more information on the options available.

Changing your booking online

If the fare rules permit you to make a change to your booking (check your Fare Type), then you may be able to make these changes yourself online. You may need to pay a fee and a fare difference may apply to any changes made to your booking.

The type of changes you can make also depends on if your booking was made with Qantas Points, either a Points Plus Pay - Flights booking or a Classic Flight Reward.

Bookings that may be changed online

This table cover a list of booking types, and the date and time changes which can usually be completed online, subject to the fare rules.  If you'd like to change your booking and it can't be done online, contact your local Qantas Office for assistance.

Always check your fare rules first to see if your fare type is eligible for changes, and to see whether fees and charges apply.

Types of flight bookings you may be able to change online
Date and time changes Australian domestic bookings International bookings
Bookings made online or through your local Qantas office in English Yes Yes
One way or return bookings
Yes Yes
Multi-city bookings
Yes No
If you no show for a flight
No No
Jetstar bookings
Yes Yes
Bookings which include airline partners No Yes
Flight departure within 24 hours Yes Yes
Multiple changes permitted - before travel has commenced Yes Yes   
Partially travelled bookings - can only be changed online once Yes Yes
Classic Flight Reward combined with non-Classic Flight Reward No No
Unaccompanied minor bookings No No

Destination changes

Need to change the departure or arrival city? 

First you'll need to request a Flight Credit. When redeeming your Flight Credit for your new itinerary, you'll need to pay any change fees and fare difference, if applicable. Find out how to request a Flight Credit, the conditions and how to use them.

Other changes

For all other changes visit Manage Booking. A change booking fee may apply.

Made a mistake while booking?

For bookings made at qantas.com, we'll give you until midnight on the same day you make your booking to let us know you made a mistake, and we'll correct your flight details with no change fees. Read about same day no mistake.

How to change your booking online

Once you're ready to change your flight, simply:

  1. Retrieve your booking by entering your details below (you'll need your booking reference, which is found on your confirmation email). 
  2. Select the red 'Change' button in the Flights panel.
  3. Make your changes and accept any change fees or fare differences, if applicable.

If you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer or Qantas Business Rewards member, you can also log in to your account and then select 'Manage' to change your booking.


Change button not available for selection?

If you're unable to select the 'change' button because it's greyed out, contact your local Qantas Office for assistance. Fees may apply. 

Bookings made using Qantas Points

If your booking was made using Qantas Points, before managing your booking online, make sure the Qantas Frequent Flyer member whose points were used is logged in.

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