Connecting Frequent Flyer and Business Rewards

No more logging into separate accounts

  • Connect to receive all eligible benefits and discounts no matter how you book
  • View a snapshot of your Business Rewards and Frequent Flyer accounts
  • Seamlessly navigate to your Business Rewards account
  • Easy to connect and disconnect.

All of these benefits make up the newest and most improved version of Qantas Business Rewards and all will be automatically enabled for you upon connecting. By connecting, we’ll also add your Frequent Flyer number to your Business Rewards profile so you can unlock the full value of both programs.  


Other great things to know

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Who has access to connecting accounts

Anyone who has a current login to a Business Rewards account can connect their accounts. They’ll only see what they have permission to see within the connected Business Rewards account. 

If a user is deactivated from a Business Rewards account, any connection they have made will be removed.

Screen connect Business Rewards and Frequent Flyer accounts

Only you can see your Qantas Frequent Flyer account

Feel assured that when you connect your accounts you can see a snapshot of your Business Rewards account, but no-one else can see your Frequent Flyer account.

Accessing Business Rewards Connect from laptop

Connect and disconnect at any time

Connecting makes navigating between your accounts easy. If you do want to disconnect, you can do so easily from your Frequent Flyer profile.

If you do want to log into your account directly from qantasbusinessrewards.comOpens external site in a new window you will still need to use your normal Qantas Business Rewards log in details not your Qantas Frequent Flyer log in details.

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Still got questions?

Our FAQs help answer any questions you might have about this new way of seamlessly utilising both of your memberships.