Musical equipment

We know that music can be an important part of travel, and there's nothing like having your own equipment with you. Find out how it can be included in your baggage allowance.

Things to know

A musical instrument in its hard-shell case that weighs no more than 7kgs and doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions for musical instruments, can be taken as carry-on baggage and must be placed in the overhead locker. The maximum dimension for a musical instrument is 56in = 34in + 13in + 9in.

If its total linear dimensions are 41in or less, then it will be equivalent to a 41in bag, using the carry-on baggage calculation. If its total linear dimensions are between 41in and 56in then it will be considered as equivalent to a 45in bag using the carry-on baggage calculation.

Please measure your musical instrument before arriving at the airport. A small musical instrument, for example, most violins, usually fit within the musical instrument allowance. Larger musical instruments, for example, most guitars, don't fit within the musical instrument allowance and must be checked-in. Alternatively, you can purchase an extra seat and carry it as a bulky item.

We recommend arriving promptly to board your flight to ensure you can place your musical instrument safely in an overhead locker.