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Find a testing location for your pre-departure test

If you're travelling internationally, you may need a COVID-19 pre-departure PCR or Rapid Antigen test, even if you've received a COVID-19 vaccination. 

COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. You may need to provide proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result before you can check in for your international flight.

Testing requirements, including valid test types, testing providers and result documentation, are set by the country you are travelling to or transiting through. It's your responsibility to check latest government travel requirements well before your departure date so you can prepare. 

Many countries require your test to be taken at a recognised or accredited clinic, laboratory or medical facility. You are responsible for paying for your COVID-19 test.

If you're travelling within Australia, see Australian Domestic travel requirements.

    Where can I get my COVID-19 test?

    The following testing facilities provide valid tests along with approved paperwork which you may require for International travel.+ Discounts are available at some laboratories for Qantas passengers#

It's important you choose your test provider carefully, including doing your own research into: 

  • the services they supply,
  • testing locations,
  • whether a booking and/or doctor's referral is required,
  • if the clinic tests all ages,
  • costs and turnaround times, and
  • whether they can provide acceptable documentation to travel.

Note: Qantas does not take responsibility for any delay by a test provider in providing results. It's your responsibility to ensure you obtain a valid COVID-19 test certificate in time for check-in.

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For other locations and options, check the IATA travel pass lab locator. 

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Important Information

Undertake the required COVID-19 pre-departure test under the advice of a medical practitioner.

+ Qantas does not endorse, recommend or approve any providers listed above. Qantas does not take responsibility for any delay by a test provider in providing results. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they obtain a valid test certificate in time for check-in.

# Discount available to Qantas passengers and subject to change without prior notice.