10 Items Every Man Needs to Pack for an Autumn Journey


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Planning a trip to a place where the weather can’t make up its mind? These are your essentials for layering.

Cotton hooded jumper

Layers are key when travelling trans-seasonally. A hooded jumper is a carry-on staple that has the dual benefits of keeping the chill off in air-conditioned spaces and being soft enough to roll up in your bag. Perfect for staying comfortable on long-haul flights without looking sloppy when you exit the terminal.

White collared shirt

Simple, yes, but effective. A well-cut white shirt is essential for any occasion where you need to impress: a date, a meeting or flying business class. Long sleeves add a little extra warmth, or wear it to dinner under a light knit to stay smart even when you’re chilly.

Travel Items Every Man Needs to Pack for an Autumn Journey

White tee

Wear with jeans for a classic casual look on warmer days or underneath long-sleeve tops or jumpers for extra warmth when it turns cooler. You’re going to wear this more than once during your trip, so pack several of the same tee and consider adding one in black too. 

Leather jacket

There are few items of clothing as effortlessly stylish as a black leather jacket. Either wear or carry it during your journey to avoid squashing it in your suitcase. If leather isn’t your style, a water-repellent jacket with a high collar will protect you from the elements. 

Quick-drying swim shorts

Going for a dip might not be part of your itinerary but you don’t want to be caught out if the sun makes a surprise appearance and you want to use the hotel pool. Save space by packing a pair of black shorts that fall just above the knee made from a quick-drying fabric. They’ll double as exercise shorts do triple duty when teamed with a polo shirt for a casual lunch.

Lightweight knit

Choose a neutral colour to wear with jeans or tailored pants. As well as adding an additional layer over a tee when it’s cold, it’s still thin enough to wear underneath a jacket without adding extra bulk when it’s even colder.

Travel Items Every Man Needs to Pack for an Autumn Journey

Dark trousers

Whether you prefer jeans, chinos or tailored pants, pack at least one pair in dark blue or black. You’ll be covered for any outing no matter the dress code and can pair them with a shirt in any colour.

Long, light scarf

Anything too thick or woolly will take up excessive space in your luggage and cause you to overheat – it’s not winter just yet! A scarf made from cotton or a viscose blend will stop body heat escaping and make a casual outfit classier – and double as a pillow on the plane.

Travel-sized umbrella

Easy to forget when you’re thinking about clothing but essential when you’re travelling in changeable weather. Remember, even collapsible umbrellas that fit snugly into your carry-on should be packed in your checked luggage.

White trainers

These are popular for a reason. You can look sporty, but not necessarily like you’re off to the gym, and they’re sleek enough to get you into most restaurants. Be sure to wipe them down after a day of walking a new city to keep them in pristine condition.

Travel Items Every Man Needs to Pack for an Autumn Journey

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