How to Take Amazing Photos with Your GoPro


Recently invested in a GoPro and keen to get the perfect shot? Katie Kilbride from GoPro HQ shares her ten top tips for capturing amazing images every time.

1. Pack the right mounts 

Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, you’ll want to bring the best mounts for your environment.

2. Frame the shot

Always aim the GoPro at the subject’s chest or centre. To get the best composition for the wide-angle lens, bring the camera closer and lower to the subject than you think. This will give your images a realistic – yet inviting – quality.

3. Shoot time-lapse photos

Thanks to time-lapse mode, you’re certain to get a great shot. Selfies are best captured in .5 or 1-second mode, while a sunset or sunrise is better captured in 30 or 60 second intervals. Simply press the shutter button once and the GoPro will snap photos based on the interval you’ve selected, until you press the shutter button again to stop the time-lapse.

4. Eliminate fog

Heading somewhere tropical? If your next trip is somewhere humid and packed with water activities, bring Anti-Fog Inserts. This is an investment to help reduce fog when shooting in the ocean, pools or rivers.

5. Lick the lens… Seriously

If you’re in and out of the water, be sure to lick the lens of your GoPro. This is where water drops are housed, and, yes, such a simple trick will improve the quality of your photographs.

How to Take Amazing Photos with Your GoPro

6. Use the Frame Mount

If you're shooting on land, you should take the GoPro out of the Standard Housing and pop it into the Frame Mount, this will help improve overall audio.

7. Stay charged 

Before you embark on your daily activities, check the battery levels of your GoPro. It's a good idea to travel with two extra batteries or the GoPro Power Pack so you capture your entire adventure.

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8. Be inspired

Check out #GoProTravel for the latest posts from around the world to spark ideas on how to best capture your trip on your GoPro.

9. Download the GoPro App

Simply connect your smartphone to the GoPro via its built-in Wi-Fi, save your favourite photos and videos to your camera roll and share your trip with family and friends! You can also delete the images you don’t want straight from the GoPro App, saving space on your SD card.

10. Practice and learn the settings

The more you use your GoPro, the more comfortable you’ll be trying new things. Experiment. Use multiple camera angles to tell a complete story. If you’re planning a long trip where you’re going to shoot a ton of video – bring an extra SD card or external hard drive. Remember to clean any surface well before applying your mounts. Have fun capturing, creating and sharing your content.


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