Grooming Tips to Keep You Looking Sharp While Travelling


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Ruffled backpacker days are behind you. These tips will ensure you stay smart no matter how long you’ve been in transit.


Your portable hair arsenal should be as simple as this: comb (or brush) and one styling product, such as molding paste, and, if you wear a beard, a beard trimmer (include a small pair of scissors if you have checked luggage). If a shaved head is more your style, give your head a once-over the morning of your trip. When away for a few days, pack a sample-sized shaving cream for sensitive skin (it will minimise irritation) and pick up a disposable razor at your destination to deal with any new growth. Be sure to exfoliate with a warm, damp cloth before and after shaving and finish with a moisturiser.


Even if you don’t have a regular skincare routine, flying long distances will dry your skin out so it pays to begin one while travelling. Stay streamlined with just a cleanser and moisturiser (if you’re travelling overseas with these in your carry-on, ensure they are less than 100mls and packed in a clear and resealable plastic bag). Sunscreen is also crucial, even if you’re not headed to a sunny spot.


Store suits and shirts in a garment bag to keep them as crease-free as possible (a 185cm rigid garment bag is allowed as part of your carry-on luggage on Qantas domestic and international flights). On arrival at your hotel, remove your clothes from the garment bag before hanging them and, if necessary, arrange to have them professionally pressed. Even if your trip is for leisure rather than business, ensure you have two collared shirts, pants that aren’t jeans and a pair of smart shoes so you’re covered for any occasion. Luggage fresheners will also keep everything smelling sweet. 


When you’re scrambling to pack your suitcase the night before a trip, it’s the smaller items that get forgotten. It’s unlikely you’ll leave your watch behind but cufflinks and tie clips are accessories people only notice when they’re missing – and you’ll look less polished without them. If you travel regularly, stash a small box with a simple set of metal cufflinks and a tie clip (and a black or white pocket square if you’re feeling especially organised) in the suitcase you use regularly to ensure you’re never without them.

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