Australia’s First Beach Club is Straight out of the Amalfi Coast

Moseley Beach Club

For all of Australia’s spectacular, wild and wind-whipped beaches, there aren’t many stretches of sand that do double time with a side of summer revelry.

Unlike our northern neighbours, we’re noticeably short on clubs that have the sea lapping right up to their shores.

Moseley Beach Club

But from 16 November, Moseley Beach Club will once again smuggle a little bit of Europe to the shores of South Australia by setting up a sprawling beach club on the sands of Glenelg, one of Adelaide’s most popular beaches.

The event, which made its debut earlier in 2018, will feature plush nautical day beds ideal for long, lazy afternoons in the sunshine, as well as a casual dining area and bar that service right to your lounger, jettisoning the need to venture far from your chosen spot. Towels are also provided free of charge.

Moseley Beach Club

Start planning now

Moseley Beach Club will be open seven days a week and run late into the evening, with acoustic performances and DJ appearances keeping the party alive well after sunset.

The club will continue through summer until 17 March, 2019.

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