The Big Q – Aisle or Window Seat?


What’s better: uninterrupted access to the bathrooms or a window you can lean against to (hopefully) sleep? Two jetsetters reveal their preferences to Kate Phillips.

Window seat

David McAllister

Artistic director, The Australian Ballet

“I’ve been known to doze off on flights between Melbourne and Sydney – even before take-off – so that makes me a dedicated window-seat person. Being near the aisle means you’re always affected by people walking up and down, whereas by the window, you’re solidly in your own world. And it’s exciting to be near the window when you’re flying into epic cities like Dubai, Shanghai or Hong Kong. I don’t get up a lot so I usually wait for the person on the aisle or in the middle to get up and then I do. I’m also pretty good at climbing over [people] so it’s not a problem – as long as you’re not up and down every half-hour.”

Aisle seat

Mary Poulakis

Director, Harrolds

“I travel for business all the time and being near the aisle means I can get out faster and get going. I do miss looking out the window sometimes and, yes, there’s often that odd trolley in the elbow but I still prefer the aisle seat. I love the ease of access – I like to get up and stretch my legs on both domestic and international flights. It’s so convenient and, more importantly, it’s not inconvenient for anyone else. I’m not a digital dinosaur but I like to pack up my desk and take it with me – I often have lots of files and paper with me. I feel the aisle seat offers a little more real estate.”

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