5 Things To Know About Travelling With Jewellery

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It’s been a long time since we’ve thought about packing for long trips abroad, but we’re back in the air and exploring the far-flung gems of our planet. Here’s how to do it with some added sparkle. 

Which pieces should I bring on holiday?

Kennedy Jewellers

Crafting outfits in advance takes finesse, and jewellery is the icing on the cake. According to Teneille Oakley, General Manager of Merchandise from Kennedy Luxury Watches and Jewellery, a holiday is the perfect time to experiment with changing things up. “Always take those favourite pieces you have on high rotation but try to mix it up by adding in some that you love but don’t wear as often,” says Oakley. “It’s nice to be inspired and experiment with different combinations while you’re in a new environment.” Oakley suggests Kennedy’s Ippolita 18k Rock Candy necklace as a playful addition to your suitcase. 

Do I need specific travel insurance for my jewellery?

Most comprehensive travel insurance policies will include jewellery, says Oakley. “I’d always recommend checking your policy coverage on optional and inclusions with your insurance provider.” A good rule of thumb is to check the fine print when it comes to the amount allowed for jewellery replacement – there will usually be an option to specifically include key pieces and list their value as well. “It’s also a great idea to keep your jewellery close by in carry-on luggage when you’re on the move.”

How should I transport my jewellery while I’m on holiday?

Kennedy Jewellers

Purpose-made carry cases are an excellent way to ensure your treasured accessories make the journey comfortably. “You need to find one that’s lightweight and suits all of your jewellery, from rings to bracelets and earrings. The Wolf Palermo watch roll and pouch is perfect as it has jewellery storage in a zip pouch with a small tray inside and a hidden jewellery capsule with two compartments.” Sunscreen, perspiration and make-up can damage some jewels, so Oakley’s pro tip is to pack a cleaning kit to keep everything in pristine condition.

Should I remove wedding rings and everyday jewellery when I’m showering?

It’s a common debate, with two sides firmly divided: those who remove their rings and other jewellery for safekeeping while showering and those who believe continuous wear is the only way to ensure the precious goods are never lost. “I think they should be kept on as sometimes it’s riskier to take them off as you can forget to put them back on. You just need to remember to clean them regularly with some warm soapy water and a soft brush for maximum sparkle.”

Which pieces will be the most versatile to bring with me if I only want to bring a small selection?

Kennedy Jewellers

Not everyone has the space required to ferry a large jewellery collection on a getaway, but that just means packing smarter. “Classic pieces are always the most versatile so I would focus on white diamonds that will compliment every look in your choice, ideally with platinum or rose or yellow-gold settings. A classic go-to piece is our Roberto Coin Round Princess Bracelet With Diamonds.” 

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