Points Hogging: The Clever Way to Earn Qantas Points

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A hot new trend has emerged among Frequent Flyers – and it involves tricking your friends and family.

Has someone you know started offering to book all your dinner catch-ups? Or suggested that they buy the farewell present for a colleague, and the rest of the team pay them back?

Then you know someone who is actively "points hogging".

“Points hogging” is when you offer to book group activities or buy presents on behalf of others in order to snap up more Qantas Points.

These savvy operators don’t only earn points for buying the product – if they also use a Qantas Points-earning credit card to make the purchase, they can “double-dip” on points.

So don’t let them have all the fun. Here are a few ways you can get to your next rewards faster:

Sign up for a Qantas Points-earning credit card

There are more than 50 different credit cards to choose from. Each earns a specific number of points for every dollar you spend on the card, which means every eligible purchase you make will boost your points balance. Paying with a Qantas Points-earning credit card is also the easiest way to “double-dip” on points when making purchases through Qantas Shopping, booking accommodation through Qantas Hotels and more.

Book movie tickets on behalf of your friends

Qantas Frequent Flyers who are also Hoyts Rewards Bronze members earn 1 Qantas Point for every $2 spent on movie tickets and treats from the candy bar, while Hoyts Rewards Silver members earn 2 Qantas Points per $1 spent – justification enough to order popcorn and a choc-top.

Book and pay for your next dinner

The bigger the group you can organise to go out for dinner, the better: when you book through Qantas Restaurants, you earn 100 Qantas Points per person on the booking. Plus, you can pay for everyone using your Qantas Points-earning credit card ­– as long as they pay you back, that is.

Organise gifts through Qantas Shopping

Next time you’re going in with others on a gift – such as a present for a sibling or a farewell pressie for a colleague – offer to sort it out. When you shop through the Qantas Shopping Online Mall, you can earn up to 7 points per dollar on more than 150 different brands, including Apple, The Iconic and David Jones.

And if your friends and family figure out what you’re doing, hey – you can always take them as a plus one on the holiday you’re paying for with your points.    

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