Don't Get Caught Without These 9 Travel Essentials

Travel essentials to upgrade

When was the last time you upgraded your ‘old faithful’ travel accessories? Here are 9 items to trade in for smarter alternatives for a more streamlined, stress-free holiday.

A phrasebook > handheld translator

Flipping through a battered phrasebook to find the Spanish word for ‘toilet’ while a queue forms behind you isn’t ideal. Try using a sleek, easily portable translator such as Ili  – one that operates offline and translates instantly.

Earbuds > noise-cancelling headphones

Bose WirelessConnect

Headphones that rely on buds aren’t conducive to napping – drown out the noise with a more travel-friendly option, like the Quiet Comfort II from Bose. Not only do they give your ears a holiday with significant cushioning but they’re the best in class when it comes to noise cancellation.

A makeshift travel wallet > a proper passport cover

As the single most important travel accessory, it makes little sense to guarantee your passport’s safe passage – so why not protect it properly with a stylish cover or wallet?

Fun, everyday cases > shockproof, water-resistant equivalents

It’s easy to forget how fragile smartphones and tablets really are. Before you travel, swap any flimsy cases for the hardwearing, protective type. Spigen’s shockproof range supports Apple, products including iPhones and Apple watches, as well as Huawei and Galaxy smartphones. 

Mismatched toiletries > a proper travel kit


Save yourself the trouble of funnelling your favourites into smaller, temporary vessels and treat yourself to a toiletries kit made specifically for travel. This carry-on kit by Australia skincare brand Aesop will add a little extra luxury to your next trip.

A thrown-together packing method > packing cells

Packing cells are not only more efficient when it comes to preparing your suitcase but they make unpacking a breeze, too. No more rifling through luggage at short-term stays or airport counters for a jumper or extra charging cable – thanks to these helpful dividers, you’ll know exactly where everything is (provided you stick to the system).

One-region adaptors > an all-in-one adaptor

Your years of extensive travel have resulted in… a host of mismatching travel adaptors. Swap your mounting collection for a universal adaptor that actually adapts to any destination you find yourself in.

A locked home screen > installing anti-theft software

Prey Anti-Theft

Don’t spend your holiday frantically cancelling cards and changing passwords. Prey Anti-Theft utilises GPS tracking and the ability to lock or wipe devices remotely to protect your phone from identity theft. It also takes a silent snap of your thief’s face from the built-in camera on your device so you can send it on to local police.

A tired old suitcase > a hardwearing, functional upgrade

TUMI Latitude Series

Even though it’s tasked with carrying our most personal possessions from destination to destination, we often overlook the importance of a quality suitcase; light yet tough luggage is worth investing in, especially if you value what’s inside. TUMI’s Latitude range – the brand’s most durable and lightweight collection yet – comprises five suitcases with a super-lightweight frame that still expertly resist the wear and tear of travel. Crafted from flexible self-reinforced polypropylene, TUMI’s Latitude bags flex with pressure but won’t dent (no matter how rough you get with them), keeping your belongings safe and the outer shell sleek as ever. TUMI also offers free monogramming on Latitude bags, so you’ll never have to wonder which one is yours as it passes on the carousel. 

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