Harper & Harley’s Sara Donaldson Shares Her Social Media Tips


Despite never straying far from her phone, the Harper & Harley blogger and director of online fashion store The Undone yearns for a tech-free weekend. As told to Kate Barracosa.

How much time do you spend in front of a screen each day?

I’m on a desktop and my phone all day then a laptop at night. I try to put my phone away when I get home.

Did it take a while to change that habit?

It did. I used to work at home so it was hard to escape. Now that I have an office space the line is clearer.

What’s your worst technology habit?

Having my phone close to my bed so it’s the first thing I look at when I wake up. I think you should kiss your partner before you pick up your phone!

What makes a good social media post?

It has to be in the moment and organic. They’re not always like that but have to feel like they are. You don’t want to spend too long thinking about what to post because then you lose the point.

Who do you follow on Instagram? 

The micro-influencers coming through are fun. At the moment I love Double3xposure (@double3xposure) and Life of Boheme (@lifeofboheme).

What’s changed online since you started your blog in 2008?

It feels like everything. I started before Instagram and there were no agents looking after bloggers. We now have apps like Planoly that help organise and curate Instagram and flick between two accounts.

What developments do you see on the radar? 

Instagram Stories is pushing everyone towards video. That’s definitely where traditional users will head. 

Are you an early adopter? 

No. I wait and see who is taking up a technology and see if there’s any benefit.

Is there anything you’d change about your technology use?

Part of my role is to update social media every day. I’d love tech-free weekends but that’s a while away.

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