How to Stay Organised While Travelling


If you don’t own anything by The Daily Edited (tde.), it’s likely you’ve seen their monogrammed leather accessories in street style shots, stylish instagram feeds or in the hands of your most fashionable friend. The boutique Australian leather goods brand, helmed by Alyce Tran and Tania Liu, also has a range of travel accessories. Aside from passport holders and luggage tags, Tran shares how she stays organised while travelling.

Plan your outfits ahead of time – especially for a work trip

“Stick to neutral shades when travelling. Also, I always pack jeans and a jacket, in case the weather changes even when I am going into a warmer climate; I’ve been caught out too many times. It’s also great to have, say, five tops to rotate through (keep in mind the length of the sleeve and the fabric, particularly if you have a range of events or meetings to attend), two smart dresses, two smart pairs of flat shoes and a fail-safe pair of heels. Also, make sure you pack sneakers so you don’t break good habits while travelling. Try to build a capsule wardrobe for travel with pieces that all work together nicely. This is easy if you only pack whites, greys, blacks and navy.”

Pro-tip: crepe works best for a business trip

“When I travel, I like to pack pieces made of crepe material and jersey. They don’t crease, they’re light and if you get them a bit stained, you can do a spot clean easily!”

Get your apps in order

“Make sure you download apps that will make your trip more convenient ahead of time. There are flight-tracking apps, last minute booking apps and diary apps available – it’s about what is going to maximise your efficiency and ease in a different destination. Personally, I love that Uber works everywhere!”

Stay active when on the road

“Walk wherever you go! Incidental exercise is the best way to take in new neighbourhoods and new sights.”

Streamline the number of tech products you take on a trip

“I actually hotdesk in our offices and am the only person at tde. without a set work space. I plug my [Microsoft] Surface Pro into any monitor we have in the office and when I travel I just take the Surface Pro with me!”

Prepare an itinerary – and stick to it!

“Itineraries are a must. It’s great to see what you have coming up on a piece of paper. It helps you manage the tasks at hand and the amount of time you have to complete them in. It also ensures you don’t run late and miss out on something important. Before I travel, I also like to walk through what I have on each day to ensure I’ve packed the essential products (like a phone charger!).”

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