Lara Worthington's Perfect Beach Getaway


Once an It girl who courted headlines, the now fiercely private Mrs Sam Worthington (and mum of two) is all grown up.

What is your greatest strength?

Constant self-assessment. I always try to reflect on what I have done well and what I’d like to do better.

And your greatest weakness?

FOMO [fear of missing out]. I’m quite decisive and generally stick to my choices but when I feel like I’m missing out on something, doubt creeps in.

What scares you?

I get scared of losing or not being in control. I really want to try bungee jumping but I don’t think I could ever let go and trust that the cord wouldn’t break.

If you could do any other job, what would it be?

Something that involved travel. I love that my work has taken me to many interesting spots. Living in the United States has meant seeing a lot of that side of the world, too. Or I’d be a vet – but only for dogs.

What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?

My dad was a landscaper and great at manual work so I picked up a few skills and can be pretty crafty with my hands. I constructed a cot for my youngest son [Racer, aged one] and filmed the process and posted it on Instagram. I think that surprised quite a few people!

What’s your most treasured possession?

A clipping of hair from my [three-year-old] son Rocket’s first haircut. It’s extra special, as [hairdresser] Travis Balcke is an old friend who has cut my hair for over five years and now does the boys’, too. 

What’s your idea of absolute happiness?

My three boys, a secluded beach and a delicious prawn taco. We try to do at least one beach getaway a year, usually to Hawaii or the beaches near where I grew up in Sydney’s Cronulla.

How do you switch off?

I rarely charge my phone during the day so when it switches off, my digital day is done and I definitely feel a sense of calm. Or a massage, sauna and steam treatment at a Turkish bathhouse. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

If Sam sees this, he’ll cringe but… reality television. All of it but especially The Bachelor and Wahlburgers [about Boston chef Paul Wahlberg and his expanding hamburger restaurant business].

Do you have a personal hero?

Anthony Hopkins. I’m so fortunate to have had numerous dinners with him. My husband and children aside, he’s the most exceptional person I’ve ever met.

What would you say is the most Australian thing about you?

I married a boy from Rockingham [in Western Australia] and I’m best known for an Aussie tourism slogan.

Where would we find you at a party?

I’d be going home early. I think all young mums can relate… my party days are done – for now. 

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