For thirty years now, Questacon’s formation of bulbous white cubes on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin has been the home of countless inspirational introductions to science of all varieties. Step inside Questacon’s winding levels and you’ll be greeted by echoes of youthful laughter as a chorus of kids discovers the earthquake simulator, messes around with static electricity and shrieks at the cracks from Caged Lightning’s Tesla Coil. But Questacon is more than mere distraction; the playfulness and touch-ability of its exhibits demand physical interaction, so young and old alike will get busy battling robot AI in an air hockey stoush, testing gravity on the freefall slide and getting wet with the H20 exhibition. It’s better than science at your fingertips, it’s science in your own hands. 

Questacon | King Edward Terrace, Parkes | +61 2 6270 2800

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