These scenic trails – in our own backyard – were made for walking.

Cape to Cape Track, WA

Meandering the length of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in the far south-west corner of Western Australia, this 135-kilometre track takes you through secluded coves, lonely beaches, tranquil coastal settlements, rocky headlands and lush karri forest. Tackling the track in one trip takes between five days and a week, though it’s possible to break it down into smaller sections, thanks to multiple vehicle access routes. Although it’s wild country, the trail is in close proximity to the world-class vineyards of the Margaret River region, offering the perfect balance of active outdoors adventure and well-earned luxury. See

Overland Track, Tasmania

If Aussie walking trails were cricketers, Tasmania’s Overland Track would be Don Bradman. Slicing through the heart of the Tassie wilderness from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair, the graded 65-kilometre, six-day trail takes in some of the most diverse ecosystems in the country, from mountains and rivers to temperate forest and alpine plains. The glacial carved landscape is suitable for most trekkers with a decent level of fitness – though you’ll need to carry a pack and light equipment – with overnight stays usually spent in cabins at designated points along the track. If this is your first serious hike, it may be best to undertake it during summer but be sure to book ahead. See

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Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland

Beginning in the foothills of South East Queensland’s Main Range National Park, the four-day Scenic Rim Trail traverses the volcanic plateaus and mountain ridges of the Great Dividing Range. If you’re a fan of high-country walking, this one is for you. The trail cuts through more than half-a-dozen mountain ranges, before crossing the wet eucalypt forests of the hinterland region. The scenic rim is also known for its birdlife and it’s not uncommon to see wallabies, koalas and kangaroos along the way. See

The Arkaba Walk, SA

Immerse yourself in the ancient landscape of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, surrounded by the surreal spectacle of the great salt lakes. Out here, 600 million years of history have created a geographical phenomenon, where undulating valleys flanked by serrated sandstone bluffs tower above dry riverbeds and creeks lined with river red gum trees. Generally approached as a four-day hike, it starts at Wilpena Pound and ends at Arkaba Station and is regarded as a moderate to challenging walk because of the varied terrain. An increasing number of operators are now putting a luxury spin on this one. See

Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

For a coastal experience, this is among Australia’s best. Spanning 104 kilometres of Victoria’s rugged west coast along the Great Southern Ocean, it begins in Apollo Bay, ending in style at the iconic Twelve Apostles near Princetown. Between the two points, you’ll encounter spectacular cliff-top views, wild beaches, forest tracks and wildlife such as dolphins, whales and wedge-tailed eagles. It takes up to eight days to walk the entire length, with opportunities to step on and off the track. There’s a massive variety of accommodation on this route, too – much of it geared specifically to walkers. See

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