Santiago's Juiciest Barbecue Restaurants


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To be Chilean means being wedded to the notion of the asado, or barbecue – real barbecue, that is, with the classic recipe of smoke and flame creating beautiful, charry flavours with meat and vegetables. As a Chilean might say, to be tired of the asado is to be tired of life.

Las Vacas Gordas

The name translates as “the fat cows” and, yes, there’s a mountain of meat grilling over hot coals in full view of the bustling dining area. Sniff your way to this gleefully old-school meatfest in Santiago’s Barrio Brasil.

Calle Cienfuegos 280, Santiago Centro; +56 2 2570 7031 

Los Buenos Muchachos

The essential Chilean triumvirate of carne (meat), chorizo (sausage) and cerveza (beer) comes together in a cavernous, traditionally styled dining hall in downtown Santiago. Operating since 1939, Los Buenos Muchachos (“the good old boys”) also features live folk music and the very welcome option to dance off dinner.

Avenida Ricardo Cumming 1031, Santiago

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The mighty mixed grill cooked on Chilenazo’s parrilla (barbecue) features a gut-busting array of meat – beef, pork, black pudding, udder, intestine and sausage – while the ribs are as fresh off the heat as you can get. “Be patient,” the menu advises, “it takes 40 minutes.”

Libertad 37, Santiago Centro


Unlike many of Santiago’s barbecue restaurants, Cuerovaca, an asado-centric fine-diner, offers Chilean-raised Wagyu beef, along with a host of charry items such as venison sausage, chunchules (intestine) and grilled heart. And there’s a 200-labelstrong wine list to match.

El Mañio 1659, Vitacura


This upmarket version of a barbecue restaurant lacks the mise en scène of fire and sizzle but replaces it with polished interiors, luxurious steak and a wine list drenched in fine reds.

Avenida Nueva Costanera 3960, Vitacura; +56 2 2799 0260

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