Bottling Tassie – How One Beer Harnessed the Island State


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From the rugged wilds of Tasmania comes one of the world’s finest beers, James Boag’s Premium.

Tasmania is renowned for its isolation, wilderness and beauty. Harnessing this rugged island might be a challenge for some but for the brewers at James Boag, it’s simply a matter of pride. They gather exceptional ingredients from this incomparable landscape and transform them into James Boag’s Premium, a smooth, sophisticated beer designed to savour. This journey from rugged to refined has been at the heart of James Boag’s brewing expertise for more than a century. 


The James Boag story

The story begins on the banks of the North Esk River, in Launceston, where James Boag and his son established a brewery in 1881 on William Street. Today, it remains the longest single operating brewery in Australia. It’s also the sole location where the finest barley, hops, yeast and pure Tasmanian water are harnessed and brewed into James Boag’s Premium. Where once ships would swing sacks of barley and hops onto the docks outside the original brewhouse, these days the delivery process is more controlled and the brewery site has grown to take over the whole block. What hasn’t changed, though, is the time-honoured tradition of using the island’s best produce. James Boag’s Premium, launched in 1994, contains four key ingredients: barley, hops and yeast, sourced locally wherever possible, and pure island river water. Brewed exclusively in Tasmania, the result is a refined beverage that has become one of Australia’s premium beers.

Bottling Tassie: How One Beer Harnessed the Island State

A fine balance

What makes James Boag’s Premium exceptional? Outstanding ingredients, of course, and a sophisticated balance of malt and hops. 


Barley is one of the main cereal crops in Tasmania and the barley used in James Boag’s beers often comes from farms across the island.


Mostly sourced from the state’s south, the hops in James Boag’s Premium deliver a classic, subtle, balanced flavour.

River water

A prized ingredient in James Boag’s Premium is water from Tasmania’s river system – among the world’s purest and the secret to the beer’s crisp, refreshing finish.

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