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Helsinki, Finland


There are so many reasons to escape to Europe. London, Barcelona, Rome and beyond, it’s full of new discoveries waiting to be explored and loved. Break the continent into chunks and you'll find plenty to see and do on your dream European holiday. Plan your trip with the help of our travel guides.

Travel guides


Step onboard and discover some of Europe’s stunning destinations with these popular cruises. Decide whether to spend time in Western Europe, chase the sun around the Mediterranean Sea or consider a Nordic cruise, there’s a cruise option to suit all types of travellers.

Discover cruises in Western Europe Cruise ship on the water at sunrise

Western Europe

If you’re looking for an intimate cruise, why not try a Western Europe cruise? With world-class food and wine onboard and onshore, Western Europe cruises are perfect for those travellers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Discover cruises in Western Europe
Cruise the Mediterranean Looking cruise ship from Santorini


Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greek, romans and Victorian adventurers by cruising around the Mediterranean. Take in the sites or make your way to the shore and live like a local, life is easy onboard a Mediterranean cruise liner.

Cruise the Mediterranean
Cruising in Scandinavia Norwegian hills reflecting in water


Looking for something a little different? Consider booking a Nordic cruise. Hop onboard and explore Scandinavia’s beautiful fjords, float next to icebergs, watch the northern lights or sleep under the midnight sun, cruising Scandinavia is an unforgettable experience.

Cruising in Scandinavia


Put aside the business of day-to-day life and let us help you plan a trip to some of the most romantic holiday destinations in Europe. Whether you choose to wonder through the streets of Paris, drive through the picturesque countrysides of the UK or fall in love with the architecture of Italy, let us help you decide where to go.