qantas points earning credit card

Tips on how to never miss a point

Make it possible with your Qantas Points earning credit card.

With your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site, there are many ways for you to boost your points balance every day. And every point earned is a point closer to your next holiday. 

The world of Qantas Points is a big one. But now you’re inside, you’ll see there are a few tricks to help you boost your points balance enough to take off to somewhere special.

To make it easier, we’ve put together some simple tips to help get you started.

Scanning phone for wallet payment

Tip 1: Add your card to your mobile wallet

Add your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site to your mobile wallet and you can pay on the go and never miss a point – even if you forget your wallet.

It’s easy, secure, convenient and accepted everywhere you can tap your credit card. And don’t forget to put your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site at the front of your mobile wallet. 

Refer to your operating system and card issuer for more instructions.


Person taking a credit card out of their wallet

Tip 2: Never miss a points-earning opportunity

Simply start by putting your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site at the front of your actual wallet or purse. Then you can make sure you never miss a point by using it on every purchase you make.

qantas shopping

Tip 3: Shop via Qantas Shopping

Did you know that Qantas has its very own Online Mall where you can currently earn Qantas Points for every $1 spent at over 460 of your favourite stores? Simply start at Qantas ShoppingOpens external site, log in with your Frequent Flyer details and enable cookies so we can track your purchases. Discover points offers with your favourite brands like David JonesOpens external site, RebelOpens external site, Country RoadOpens external site, Pet CircleOpens external site, ebayOpens external site, THE ICONICOpens external site and many more. Click through and shop as normal.

Find out more about Points PrompterOpens external site Points prompter screen

Tip 4: Install the Qantas Shopping Points-Prompter

Would you like Qantas Points with that? Always! Did you know there is a browser plug-in that alerts you to points-earning opportunities when you're shopping online? The Qantas Shopping Points-Prompter is free and easy to install to on your browser.

Find out more about Points PrompterOpens external site
Find out more about Everyday RewardsOpens external site everyday rewards

Tip 5: Earn even more points on every transaction

Shop your way to a holiday with Everyday Rewards. It's one of the easiest ways to earn Qantas Points on the ground. Whether it's your weekly groceries from Woolworths, everyday essentials from BIG W or drinks from BWS, simply shop and scan and every shop is a step closer to your next holiday. Then, if you pay for your items using your Qantas Points earning credit card, you’ll earn even more points with your payment.

Find out more about Everyday RewardsOpens external site
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Tip 6: Earn points on your regular direct debits

Changing your direct debits over to your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site means you could earn points on your regular expenses. Gym memberships, streaming services, phone bills, and even utility bills. A simple switch and you’ll be able to turn your everyday expenses into something more rewarding

Qantas aircraft in flight

Tip 7: There’s a point to our partnerships

Did you know that most Qantas Points earning credit cardsOpens external site offer higher points per $1 earn when you use them to purchase selected Qantas products and services? So, when you’re booking with Qantas Hotels, arranging flights, or ordering from Qantas WineOpens external site you have the potential to earn even more points. 

Person with a grocery bag

Tip 8: Earn in your every day

Make every day more rewarding by using your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site to shop for your everyday items – coffee, groceries, petrol, even paying for bills. You’ll be surprised at how the points earned from small purchases can add up quickly to really give your points balance a boost.

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Tip 9: Look for bonus points where you can

There are often bonus points offers out in market, either in our member offers or with our partners. Always be on the lookout as these can be anything from 1,000 to 500,000 points or more depending on what’s on offer. And 51,200 Qantas Points is enough to fly one way economy from Perth to London plus $224.39 in taxes, fees, and carrier charges.

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Tip 10: Tap on, tap off, earn points

Tap on and off public transport in NSW with selected Qantas Points earning credit cardsOpens external site – everywhere that your Opal card is accepted in NSW. That means every time you hop on a train, bus, light rail, metro or ferry you’ll be earning points.

Don’t live in NSW? Just top up your state’s travel card with your Qantas Points earning credit cardOpens external site, so you don’t miss out on points.

Choose to pay in a way that’s more rewarding.

Important information

You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn and redeem Qantas Points. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: *Points are offered by the relevant Card partner and partner reward program and can only be earned on eligible purchases. Card products referred to are not Qantas products and not offered or issued by Qantas but by the relevant Card partners. The applicable Card Partner is the credit provider and credit licensee under the National Consumer Credit laws.

Disclaimer: ^Qantas Points will not be earned on tax and delivery charges, gift cards or orders redeemed with a gift card, purchases that include any voucher, coupon or discount code that is not sourced from the Qantas Shopping Online Mall platform. Or on cancelled, amended or refunded transactions. Individual retailer terms and conditions apply, please check the individual retailer’s offer for full terms.

Disclaimer: ~By installing the Qantas Shopping Points-Prompter you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, the Qantas Privacy Policy and the Qantas Shopping Terms and Conditions. Select stores have opted out of Qantas Shopping Points-Prompter notifications being displayed on their website. This can be temporary or on occasion. If this is the case, simply visit the store’s retailer page at to earn Qantas Points.

Disclaimer: **To get Qantas Points with Everyday Rewards, you must be a member of Everyday Rewards and choose to convert to Qantas Points. Every 2,000 Everyday Rewards points collected will automatically be converted to 1,000 Qantas Points within 24 hours. Conversion will take place in multiples of 2,000 Everyday Rewards points only. Any Everyday Rewards points that are less than a full 2,000 will remain in your account for future use.

If you have an existing balance of Everyday Rewards dollars (including Bank for Christmas) this will immediately be converted to Qantas Points when you confirm Qantas Points as your Rewards choice.

Everyday Rewards members who have chosen to convert their Everyday Rewards points to Qantas Points will collect a minimum of 1 Everyday Rewards point for every dollar spent excluding smoking products, gift cards (including Woolworths WISH Gift Cards, e-gift cards and iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges, donations, Carpet Care, lottery, Pre-order Kiosks, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, lay-by fees and purchases using a Country Age Pension Fuel Card, a charge account, or purchases on an ineligible AmpolCard account, when you shop in-store or online at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS participating Ampol or Caltex Woolworths/EG (Operated by Euro Garages Australia). Please note that you cannot earn Everyday Rewards points at Ampol and Caltex Woolworths/EG Australia sites located in Tasmania. You cannot currently enjoy your Everyday Rewards dollars at any participating Ampol locations in mainland Australia or in Tasmania nor any Caltex Woolworths/EG in Tasmania. Additional exclusions for participating Ampol locations include: any services AdBlue, StarCash, AmpolCash, tolls and petrol purchases of more than $150. The full Ampol exclusions list is available at external site in a new window. There are a small number of purchases on which you won't collect Everyday Rewards points. For more details, see this FAQOpens external site in a new window.

Disclaimer: ^^Selected Qantas products and services may include the  following items purchased directly from Qantas: Qantas passenger flights (with a QF flight number) Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Club membership joining and annual fees. Additional earn rates may not be earned on Jetstar, Qantas Holidays, Qantas branded non-airfare products and any Qantas products and services not purchased directly from Qantas.Please check with your relevant card partner.

Disclaimer: ~~Classic Flight Rewards are available on Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines. Classic Flight Reward seats are subject to capacity controls, availability is limited and some flights may not have any Classic Flight Rewards available. The Qantas Points, taxes, fees and carrier charges stated are accurate as at 12 December 2019 but may vary at the time of booking. Status Credits and Qantas Points will not be earned on Classic Flight Rewards. Visit Classic Flight Rewards for more information.

Disclaimer: +For more information on contactless payments visit Transport NSWOpens external site.