Gordon Macdonald

A leading independent electrical, lighting & data wholesaler

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Gordon Macdonald is one of Australia's leading independently-owned electrical wholesalers. Delivering exceptional customer service and quality products, with a depth of experience in supplying a broad range of electrical, lighting and data products.

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  • An Australian owned, family business operating since 1960
  • Stocking thousands of day-to-day electrical, lighting & data products
  • Member of the Gemcell Group, with Australia-wide distribution

Earn Qantas Points on

power points

Electrical & data supplies

Including power points, switches, wall clips and brackets through to meter boxes, TV antennas, A/V and CCTV systems, data CAT5e/6 cable, racking and outlet points, plus much more.

warehouse with lights

Lighting & lamps

Including LED and traditional lamps and luminaires for residential, commercial, shop-lighting, industrial, through to sports grounds, carparks, and street lighting. 

Fan in room

Fans, air movement & heating

Including decorative ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust or 3-in-1 systems and electric fireplaces.

power cables

Power cables

From small panel and building wires to large overhead high voltage aluminium and bare copper power cables.

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