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Customers or carers with specific needs requirements can contact us for assistance.

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Request wheelchair and mobility assistance

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Wheelchairs and mobility assistance

Let us know if you require wheelchair assistance or if you're travelling with your own mobility aid.

Request Mobility Assistance

Specific needs assistance line

If you’re a Qantas customer or carer needing assistance in relation to a disability or medical requirement, including if you are unable to make a booking online, call us on:

  • 1800 177 474 within Australia, or 
  • +61 2 9123 7471 from outside Australia

Alternatively, you can contact your local Qantas office

If you book by phone with Qantas directly (instead of online) and you advise the Qantas representative that you can't book online because of a disability, you will not be charged the phone booking fee.

If you are deaf and/or find it hard hearing or speaking with people who use a phone, please contact Qantas via the National Relay Service (NRS), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • TTY users phone 133 677 (or +61 3 4313 7692 if calling from outside Australia) then ask for +61 2 9123 6029.
  • Voice Relay (formerly Speak and Listen) users phone 1300 555 727 (or + 61 3 4313 7690 if calling from outside Australia) then ask for +61 2 9123 7471.

You must be registeredOpens in a new tab or window with the National Relay Service to access their service.


If you have a complaint or are dissatisfied with the service provided, please get in contact with us.

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National Relay Service

For TTY users:
133 677 (or +61 3 4313 7692 if calling from outside Australia) then ask for Qantas Customer Care on 1300 659 161 (or +61 2 9123 6025 if calling from outside Australia).

For Voice Relay (formerly Speak and Listen) users:
Phone 1300 555 727 (or +61 3 4313 7690 if calling from outside Australia) then ask for Qantas Customer Care on 1300 659 161 (or +61 2 9123 6025 if calling outside Australia).

Damaged mobility equipment

Qantas understands the importance of protecting your mobility equipment throughout your journey with us and we do our best to ensure your equipment arrives safely. In the event that damage occurs to your mobility equipment, you should follow the procedures for damaged checked baggage in order to lodge a report, preferably before you leave the airport.

If you are unable to make a report before you leave the airport, complete the online Customer Care form within the time limits and ensure that you retain the following information in order to process your claim.

  • baggage tags, which should remain on the damaged equipment where possible; and
  • baggage receipts that are provided upon check-in, where possible; and
  • photo evidence of your damaged mobility equipment.

How to claim for damaged wheelchair and other mobility equipment:

To help guide you through the Customer Care Form, here are the steps required to complete and submit your claim for damaged wheelchair and other mobility equipment. 

Customer Care Form How to claim for damaged wheelchair
Step 1 Enter your 'contact details' section
Step 2 Enter 'category' section

Choose the following from the drop down:

  • Damaged Mobility Aid

From the 'What is the issue with baggage?' section, select:

  • Damaged Baggage
  • Select 'Continue'
Step 3 Complete 'Describe experience' section
3.1 Next 'Enter flight details' and select 'Save & Continue'
3.2 Then select 'Mobility Aids' icon image

Next 'select an option that best matches your luggage? Wheelchair or Orthopaedic Devices'

Enter the following information:

  • Brand
3.4 What is the primary colour?
3.5 Next select from the 'Describe the damage' section
3.6 If you have further information enter this under:
'Is there any further information related to the damage of the bag? (optional)'
3.7 Next to upload your photos: 'Please attach photos of your damaged baggage'

Next enter either:

  • Proof of Purchase; or
  • Age of bag – select from drop down i.e 1 year old

Then select 'Continue'

3.9 Enter preferred contact details
Step 4

Select 'Submit'

Once submitted a customer reference number will be emailed to you.

How to claim for damaged wheelchair

Qantas' liability is limited in accordance with the relevant laws and international conventions governing air travel and as set out in our Conditions of Carriage 

Travelling to and from the USA

Assistance for passengers travelling with a disability to and from the USA, regarding discrimination or our services provided. 

The United States Department of Transportation's (US DoT) Final Ruling on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel (Final Ruling) applies to Qantas flights operating to and from the United States of America.

US DoT 14 CFR Part 382 Final Ruling - Non Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel

Certain provisions of 14 CFR Part 382 are applicable to foreign carriers operating flights to and from the United States. You can view an up to date consolidated version of 14 CFR 382Opens in a new tab or window If you would like a copy of Part 382 in accessible format, you can obtain one from the US DoT by contacting the US DoT by any of the means listed below.

Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights

The Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights describes the fundamental rights of air travellers with disabilities under the Air Carrier Access Act and its implementing regulation, 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 382.

Complaints Resolution Official (CRO)

If a passenger has a complaint or concern regarding discrimination, accommodations or services provided by Qantas in respect of a passenger with a disability and the cabin crew or airport ground staff member is unable to immediately resolve that issue to the passenger's satisfaction or provide the requested accommodation, the passenger can ask that staff member to contact a Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) to assist to resolve the complaint or concern.

All Qantas CRO's have received disability awareness training, and training in the requirements of the Final Ruling and are ready to assist passengers with any issues or concerns that may arise in relation to their travel experience to and from the United States. Qantas CRO's are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York and San Francisco. Where the passenger is unable to resolve the complaint to their satisfaction, the passenger may refer their complaint or concern to the US DoT in writing, no later than six months after the date of the incident, by mail or online using the relevant details below.

Contact details for the US DoT

Phone icon


Toll-Free Hotline from within the USA, for Air Travelers with Disabilities
1-800-778-4838 (voice) or
1-800-455-9880 (TTY)

Phone icon


Aviation Consumer Protection Division
(+1) 202-366-2220 (voice) or
(+1) 202-366-0511 (TTY)

email icon


Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, West Building, Room W96-432
Washington, DC 20590.

Travelling to and from Canada

You are entitled to certain accommodations and services under the Canadian Transportation Agency  Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR)

As a large foreign carrier, Qantas is subject to requirements in Parts 1 and 2 of this regulation for all flights operated to, from and within Canada. You can review details of the accommodations and services Qantas will provide under the ATPDR.

Qantas Disability Access Facilitation Plan

It's our aim to help you travel around Australia and across the world with ease. Our Disability Access Facilitation Plan contains all the special assistance information you'll need for when you travel with us, so you can get to the airport relaxed and ready to fly.

Access the Qantas Disability Access Facilitation PlanOpens in a new tab or window (PDF).