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As the national carrier, Qantas is a key economic enabler and facilitator of growth in the national economy. As a leading Australian company, the Qantas Group (through its airlines Qantas and Jetstar) actively contributes to the development of public policy.

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Aviation is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. The Qantas Group continues to support greater liberalisation of policy and the move towards open aviation markets and competition which bring benefits to customers and all industry participants.

Qantas Government, Industry and International Affairs provides strategic and technical assistance to progress the Qantas Group's diverse business objectives both in Australia and internationally. We have had a presence in the Australian aviation market since 1920 and as one of the oldest airlines in the world, have long seen the importance of engagement with stakeholders both domestically and internationally.

In this capacity, Qantas Government, Industry and International Affairs advocates directly to governments, regulators and other key-decision makers for principles seen as core to the future of the Qantas Group, and aviation policy. We deal with issues ranging from reform and management of key tenets of international aviation policy (including the environment, security, immigration and others) to the impact of Qantas Group activities in Australia and markets where we operate.

The Qantas Government, Industry and International Affairs Team produces a bi-monthly public affairs journal, The National Carrier, in which the Qantas Group's opinions on trends and issues facing the aviation industry are expressed with insight on all aspects of their regulatory and financial implications for businesses and customers alike.

The National Carrier

National Carrier is a bimonthly public affairs journal of the Qantas Group in which we share our perspective on public policy and regulatory challenges in aviation.

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The economic contribution of the Qantas Group to Australia

In November 2016, Deloitte Access Economics conducted a detailed study on the Qantas Group's contribution to the Australian economy in FY16.

The study found that:

  • Qantas Group's overall contribution to the Australian economy was $22 billion, including:
    - $11.5 billion indirect and direct contribution; and
    - $10.4 billion contribution to the tourism sector
  • The economic contribution of the Qantas Group represents 0.7 per cent of total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Australia
  • Total direct employment is 29,266 full time equivalent (FTE) employees, with 26,097 based in Australia. A further 29,535 FTEs are employed indirectly
  • 112,00 or 1 in 8 jobs in the tourism sector (direct or indirect) are attributable to expenditure by those travelling on Qantas Group airlines

As the national carrier, the Qantas Group remains committed to supporting Australian jobs and businesses, and to maintaining its position as one of the key enablers of economic activity in Australia.

The Qantas Group paid and collected $2.5 billion in Australian taxes in FY16. Taxes paid by the Group are included in the economic contribution, while taxes collected on behalf of the Australian Government (such as Passenger Movement Charge) are excluded.

A copy of the Group's Voluntary Tax Transparency Code Report can be found here:


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