Dash 8

Dash 8

Experience Qantas comfort and reliability on our Dash 8, seamlessly transporting passengers across domestic and regional Australia.

Our aircraft

Dash 8

Our Dash 8 has three configurations:

  • Dash 8 (200 series) - 36 Economy seats.
  • Dash 8 (300 series) - 50 Economy seats.
  • Dash 8 (Q400 series) - 74 Economy seats.

Note: bassinet seats aren't available on these aircraft.

View the Dash 8 seat maps for more information on the seating configurations and aircraft specifications

Your inflight experience

Enjoy the classic comfort of Economy on our Dash 8, accompanied by Qantas' renowned service, ensuring a pleasant journey every time.


Dash 8 Q300 Economy

Cabin features

Number of seats and configuration

  • 36, 50 or 74 seats
  • 2-2 seating configuration
  • Pitch: 31in
  • Width: 17in
Charging and inflight entertainment
  • Charging isn't available
  • Inflight entertainment is progressively being rolled out
Storage and surfaces
  • Seat back tray table
  • Seat back pocket
Table of seat characteristics

Our Dash 8 destinations

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay, Australia

Step onboard our Dash 8 when you fly with us on selected Australian domestic and regional routes.

Note: all flights are subject to last minute aircraft changes.

Naming our Dash 8 fleet

Suspension Bridge, Cataract Gorge, Launceston
Launceston, Australia

Each of our Dash 8s are named after iconic locations across Australia, including:

  • Ballarat,
  • Bundaberg,
  • Byron Bay,
  • Devonport,
  • Dubbo,
  • Jervis Bay,
  • Launceston,
  • Mackay,
  • Orange, and 
  • Rockhampton.

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