Information on safety restrictions

Qantas aims to be the airline of choice for customers with specific needs, but for safety reasons there are limitations with aircraft and regulations that may impact your travel.

Man and woman seated in economy exit row seat

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Exit row seats

Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations require that passengers seated in exit rows be fully able and willing to assist in the event of an emergency.

Mobility aids and wheelchairs

The dimensions and features of some narrow-bodied aircraft in Qantas' fleet (B737, B717, F100 and Dash 8 aircraft) mean that:

  • wheelchair accessible toilets are not available on those aircraft;
  • storage of passenger wheelchairs in the cabin is not possible;
  • on-board aisle wheelchairs are not available (with the exception of the 737-800);
  • stowage of some customer mobility aids may not be possible; and
  • there is generally a limit of one electric wheelchair per flight.

In accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, you are required to obtain Dangerous Goods approval from Qantas for any battery powering a Mobility Aid.