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Track real time flight information for Qantas and QantasLink flights. If your flight is not operated by Qantas, please refer to the operating airlines website for the latest flight updates.

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If flights are not operated by Qantas, check the operating airline’s website.

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On-time performance

Find out how we measure and report our on-time performance.

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Australian Passport

Travel documents

Before departure it is important to consider what documents you need.

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Customs and quarantine

Find out the restrictions on goods you can bring in and out of Australia. Including duty free allowances and quarantine restrictions.

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Qantas' top ten travel tips

Tips on how to update contact details, useful apps to download, reminders on important travel documents, plus ideas on travelling with kids.

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Disclaimer: * Note that only the previous stop for each flight is shown. If you're unsure of the stops for a multi-stop flight, check the online timetable Gate numbers are subject to change. Times for codeshare flights are subject to confirmation from the operating carrier, therefore there may be a delay in this information being updated.