PFAS is a group of chemicals that have been used in a range of industrial and consumer products for many decades, including fire-fighting foams. There is an increasing move away from these chemicals because they may pose a potential risk to human health and the environment. We have installed aviation accredited PFAS free fire-fighting foam in the majority of Qantas Group sites and we plan to complete the remaining sites by the end of 2018, making us the first major Australian airline to do so.

A spill of fire-fighting chemicals (containing PFAS) at our Brisbane hangar in April 2017 fell well below the environmental standards that the Qantas Group sets itself and has been followed by an extensive clean-up and investigation, in collaboration with Queensland and federal regulators as well as Brisbane Airport.

All Qantas aircraft meet or exceed ICAO's aircraft noise pollution standards.The Qantas Group approach to aircraft noise pollution management is consistent with four elements that have been recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the international body responsible for setting and recommending aircraft noise standards and practices.