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Separate passengers from a booking

If your plans change, and you no longer need to travel together, you can separate passengers from your booking online.

Things to know

  • Only some bookings can be divided online - see eligible bookings for more information.
  • Once your booking has been successfully divided, a new booking reference will be provided for the separated passengers. 
  • When you separate passengers from a booking, they may retain a record of the original booking reference, and they will be able to make changes to that booking. To obtain a new reference for the original booking, contact your local Qantas office.
  • Any special requests, such as a dietary required meal, will be carried over to the new booking.
  • Any additional services such as travel insurance or car hire that were included in the original booking may not be carried over to the new booking.

Once a booking has been divided, it can't be undone. If you've divided a booking in error, contact your local Qantas office and they can make a note in your bookings that both parties are travelling together. You'll need to have both the original and the new booking references handy.

Eligible bookings

These bookings can be divided online:

  • Australian domestic and international bookings of up to nine passengers,
  • one way, return and multi-city bookings made online at qantas.com or via a Qantas office,
  • bookings that don't include unaccompanied minors, and
  • bookings that have been ticketed.


If your booking isn't eligible to be changed online, contact your local Qantas office for assistance.

If your flights were booked through a travel agency or third-party website (for example Webjet or Booking.com), contact these companies directly to discuss your options.

How to divide a booking

  1. Enter your booking reference and last name below.
  2. Once your booking information is displayed, click on the 'Separate' button. You'll find this in the Passenger section. If the button isn't showing, then your booking isn't eligible to be divided online.
  3. Choose which passengers to divide from the booking.


If you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer, you can also divide your booking by logging in to My Account, going to flight bookings and then selecting ‘Manage’.

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