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Family transfers

Enjoy greater choice and flexibility in the way you use your points. It's ideal for the times when you have enough points between you, but not enough individually, for a Reward flight. 

What are Family transfers?

Family Transfers enable you to transfer a portion of your points to an eligible family member, who is also a Frequent Flyer member, in any 12-month period.

Family transfers don't count as activity on your account, or the account you transfer points to, for the purpose of preventing your points from expiring.

How Family transfers work

  • Minimum 5,000 to maximum 600,000 points per transfer
  • Unlimited number of transfers in any 12-month period, up to a maximum of 600,000 Qantas Points

You can transfer points online to an eligible family member online or you can call the Frequent Flyer Service Centre to transfer points (a Reward Assistance Fee applies for family transfers completed via a consultant).

You can also use your points for a Reward flight for an eligible family member. View the terms and conditions for further details about family transfers.

Free membership for all the family

Are all of your kids members? If not, sign them up to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program today. Plus, they can join for free too. Conditions apply.

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