Tourists learning about Aboriginal culture

Immerse in 14 days of Aboriginal culture

Darwin - Alice Springs - Sydney

There are endless ways to learn and connect with Australia’s diverse Indigenous history and culture. From galleries of dot paintings to landscapes imbued with ancient stories, Australia is home to the oldest continuing living culture in the entire world with over 60,000 years of history to discover.

Rock art at Kakadu

Days 1 - 6: Darwin

The capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is the traditional home to the Larrakia people and the gateway to endless Aboriginal experiences and outback adventures. Gaze up at the city’s towering murals or climb down into Kakadu National Park’s vast canyons and discover a unique and authentic side to Australia.

Our recommendations:

  • Connect with Aboriginal craft
    Darwin has a thriving art scene that celebrates Aboriginal art in many ways. Visit the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory to enjoy paintings and sculptures from some of the Territory’s most inspiring artists.
  • Forage for traditional bush ingredients
    Kakadu plums, bush apples and water lilies are all native to the region and are a must-try on your visit. Duck out of the heat into a local cafe for some traditional Aussie refreshments including plum jam on damper bread or lemon myrtle tea.
  • Drive back in time with a trip to Kakadu
    Australia’s First Nations have deep connections with the land, you can experience some of it for yourself with a trip to Kakadu, where 20,000-year-old art paints the rock walls, waterfalls flow over red ochre cliffs and hidden plunge pools offer an oasis of unique flora and fauna.
Couple taking a selfie at Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Days 6- 9: Alice Springs

Deep in the heart of the Red Centre, you’ll find Alice Springs a desert town surrounded by National Parks, an abundance of wildlife and a deep spiritual connection to the land around it. Stay for the galleries and museums within the town, but with Uluru, Kings Canyon, and the MacDonnell ranges all on your doorstep, make sure you get out and about for a full outback experience. 

Our recommendations:

  • Hop by the Kangaroo Sanctuary at sunset
    Although you’re ought to see plenty in the wild, the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary gives you an opportunity to get up close to the iconic Red Kangaroo, even offering the chance to hold baby Joeys and learn from the local volunteers.
  • Eat Witchetty Grubs in Kings Canyon
    Start your morning with panoramic views of the outback from the Kings Canyon Rim Walk before joining a tour that teaches you about the bush tucker and bush medicines used by the local Luritja and Pertame people.
  • Experience the power of Uluru
    Welcome to Australia’s spiritual epicentre. Uluru is one of the largest monoliths in the world and is at least 300 million years, although ancient Aboriginal history dates it back to the beginning of time itself. Take a walking tour around the base and gaze in awe as it changes colour throughout the day.
People onboard the Tribal Warrior Sydney harbour cruise

Days 9 - 14: Sydney

Look beyond the skyscrapers and glitzy bars of Sydney’s CBD and you’ll see a land filled with spiritual sites, rock art and historic reminders of over 60,000 years of traditional ownership by the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. 

Our recommendations:

  • Journey into Dreamtime in the Rocks
    Enjoy a traditional Welcome to Country greeting before joining a leisurely walkabout through the Rocks district. Trace ancient Aboriginal pathways and learn about the origins of Aboriginal Dreamtime.
  • Learn Aboriginal fishing techniques in Sydney Harbour
    Jump onboard the Tribal Warrior harbour cruise. Sydney’s only Aboriginal-owned and operated cruise will teach you the Aboriginal names of some of Sydney’s most significant landmarks before landing at Goat Island for an immersive lesson on traditional fishing and food-gathering techniques.
  • See Sydney from a new perspective
    Once a month the BridgeClimb Sydney offers a Burrawa Indigenous climb. Scale the arches of the bridge for epic views of the land and enjoy a truly unique experience with an Indigenous storyteller as your guide.