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Information on what to do if your baggage has been delayed, damaged or lost when flying with us.

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Delayed baggage

If your checked baggage is not available on arrival, you will need to:

  • lodge a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) via our delayed baggage self-service portal or
  • proceed to the Airport Baggage Services desk as soon as possible to lodge a (PIR).

 If you have already lodged a PIR you can manage and check the staus of your report also via delayed baggage-self-service portal.Opens external site in a new window   

Damaged checked baggage

If your checked baggage is damaged proceed to the airport baggage services counter to lodge a damaged baggage report prior to leaving the airport. 

If you have already left the airport complete the online Customer Care Form.

To assess your claim, you will need to provide photographs of the damaged item. Baggage tags should not be removed as they are required for a damaged bag claim. 

The Contact Centre will assess each baggage claim and update you of the outcome. Please complete the prior to leaving the airport and refer to the reporting limits. 

If the airline that operated your final flight is not Qantas, you’ll need to lodge a report directly with that airline.

Qantas is not liable for damage that occurs due to an inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage or due to wear and tear. This may include:

  • cuts, scratches and dents;
  • damage to retractable or fixed luggage handles;
  • external items missing from bag, e.g. wheels, feet, locks, zipper and zipper tabs, straps or name tags and
  • damage to the inside contents of a bag if the item(s) were not suitably packed for transportation. Refer to the next paragraph. 

except to the extent required by law.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that baggage is suitably packed for transportation (including oversized items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments). Qantas is not liable for damage as a result from baggage that is unsuitably packed by the customer, including overpacked baggage. 

There are certain items that must not be included in checked baggage, such as fragile, valuable or perishable items. If you carry items in breach of the Conditions of Carriage, Qantas will use all available defences against any claim in respect of any damage, loss or destruction of those items. 

If your baggage is collected by another passenger without your permission, Qantas is not liable for any damage or costs, unless the damage was caused by Qantas. 

On journeys where you arrive, transit or depart from an airport in the USA, the TSA may inspect your baggage, in which case they will leave a note in your baggage. Qantas is not liable for any damage caused by the TSA inspections.  You may email the TSA about the inspection or call +1 866 289 9673 if you have any queries.

Time limits for reporting/claiming damaged, delayed or lost baggage

There are strict time limits for reporting that your baggage has been damaged, delayed or lost. For a delayed checked baggage go to to submit a report. For damaged or lost checked baggage use the online Customer Care Form and no later than the following time limits set out below. If you delay in making your report Qantas may not be liable. 

The time limits are:

Damaged baggage

Damage or destruction to part or whole item of checked baggage:

Damaged baggage time limits
Trip Type Time limit
Domestic (with no international sectors on the itinerary) 3 days within receiving item
International (including any domestic sectors on the itinerary) 7 days within receiving item

Delayed and lost baggage time limit

For all Domestic and International flights:

Delayed or lost baggage time limits
Description Time limit
Delayed checked baggage 21 days from when the checked baggage is made available to you
Lost baggage If your baggage has not been located after 21 days of intended receipt submit a delayed baggage claim on the online Customer Care Form.  

Baggage claims if not located after 21 days

If your baggage has not been located after 21 days, complete a lost baggage claim (PDF) by replying to the original email sent to you. This will ensure your details are attached to your current case reference.

Baggage liability

Qantas liability is limited in accordance with the relevant laws and international conventions governing air travel and as set out in our Conditions of carriage.

Damaged Mobility Aid

For information regarding your damaged mobility equipment and to help guide you through next steps refer to how to claim for damaged wheelchair and other mobility equipment.