Where’s the Most Amazing Place You’ve Ever Been?


Here at Qantas magazine and Travel Insider, we’re full of advice about where you should eat, drink and sleep.

We also know that you, our well-travelled readers, could tell us a thing or two about places you’ve uncovered or experiences you’ll never forget – that tiny dumpling den tucked away in a Beijing hutong, the beautiful Aussie beach you can have to yourself any time of the year. And what about that rooftop bar in New York that only the cool cats of Williamsburg know about?

If you’ve found a gem, we’d love to share your insights in a soon-to-be-launched column. Email your best travel tales to passiton@mediumrarecontent.com or share them on our Instagram or Twitter (@qftravelinsider) with #qfpassiton. We’ll do our best to (ahem) pass them on.

Where’s the Most Amazing Place You’ve Ever Been?

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