Meet the Room Service Hotel Robot


If you request something from reception while staying at YOTEL Boston, don’t expect a fresh-faced staff member to knock at your door – this job belongs to YO2D2, the hotel’s chirpy, full-time robotic staff member.  

YO2D2 is a clever cylindrical robot that performs all manner of mechanical (and otherwise) tasks for guests. Primarily, he’s – yes, YO2D2 has a gender – is in charge of keeping guests happy by making deliveries requested via phone call or the YOTEL app by storing the goods in his top hatch. 

Despite his small stature, YO2D2 – who joined the team of the futuristic downtown hotel in February 2018 – is as clever as they come, with an in-built GPS system to help him navigate the hotel’s hallways and lifts and the ability to connect himself to a charger should his battery begin to dip. 

His other ability is less practical but decidedly more fun – in between tasks, YO2D2 is typically set to “mingle mode” which results in frequent guest interactions and occasional dancing. Yep, dancing.

YO2D2 may be unique isnt the only one of his kind. Over 75 properties have received robots from YO2D2’s parent firm, Savioke, including YOTEL Singapore, who currently employs siblings Yolanda and Yoshi. YOTEL Boston hopes that the next generation of robotic staff will add a little futuristic fun to the food and beverage department.

Whether YO2D2 or his siblings stay in services or move to bar work, the biggest drawcard remains: he never asks for a tip.

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