The Playlist: Courtney Barnett


Her debut album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, was released to rave reviews in March – even Ellen DeGeneres called  the Melbourne-based alt-rock muso one of her favourite new artists. Here, Courtney Barnett shares her own favourites – including The Lemonheads’ “Paid to Smile”, which she calls “the perfect pop song”.

1. Dick Diver "Waste The Alphabet"
2. Teeth & Tongue “Cupcake”
3. Darren Hanlon “The Chattanooga Shoot Shoot” 
4. Boys Next Door "Shivers"
5. You Am I "Heavy Heart"
6. Peaches (feat Iggy Pop) "Kick It"
7. The Lemonheads "Paid to Smile"
8. Tweedy "Low Key" 
9. George Harrison "My Sweet Lord"
10. The Kossoy Sisters "I'll Fly Away"



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