Style Tips to Make You Business-Ready Straight Off a Long-Haul Flight


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Walking off a 14-hour flight looking crisp and ready to do business is tricky, but not impossible. Try to get some sleep and take advantage of garments specially made for travel so you’ll look fresh and well-rested straight off the plane. By Pilar Mitchell. 


The best way to look refreshed is to be refreshed but sleeping on a flight isn’t easy. Matthew Kieghran, Managing Director of Hugo Boss SEAPAC recommends trying to get into step with your destination’s time zone as quickly as possible.

“There’s no foolproof way overcome jetlag. Try to get into the headspace of the place you’re going to. Watch movies set in your destination, have a glass of wine to relax, but don’t drink too much and bring some earplugs to block out noise from other passengers while you’re sleeping,” he says.


If sleep fails you, keeping your skin hydrated is the next best option. Because of air conditioning, the cabin is an extremely dry environment, making a face moisturiser, eye cream and hand cream essential. Make sure to decant larger containers into travel-sized vessels; the 100 millilitres of liquid rule is here to stay.

Hydration from the inside is just as important as outside, so make sure to drink plenty of water.


Fabric technology has come a long way; suits and shirts can be crease resistant and odour resistant. Regardless of whether a suit is made for flying, long haul travel in a suit isn’t ideal. Ask flight attendants to hang your suit and bring a pair of track pants and a t-shirt to wear on the plane (you can change 30 minutes before landing).

Look for non-traditional fabrications for your clothing outside the usual wool or cotton. For example, blazer-style jackets come in a smart-looking jersey. “Fashion right now is all about lightness, comfort and ease of movement. There’s jersey constructed shirting, and these days a polo tee under a jacket will take you to a meeting,” he says.

As for linen, it’s breathable and comfortable but it doesn’t stay crisp, which in some cases is fine. “In a resort environment, a white linen shirt looks fantastic,” Kieghran says. “You have to expect it’ll crease. That’s part of the appeal and the look of linen.”


For business travel, efficiency is key so avoid checking your luggage whenever you can. For shorter trips, particularly to warm climates where bulky winter jackets and jumpers aren’t necessary, aim to fit your wardrobe into a carry-on suitcase.

Cleverly packed clothes for five days will fit in a single carry-on. Think three pairs of shoes, a pair of casual pants, two shirts, a jacket (in a modern jersey fabric or similar), two t-shirts, gym clothes plus a suit in a suit bag. Use all the space available, tucking rolled up belts, socks and underwear into your shoes.

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