Watch Qantas’s New Inflight Safety Video

New Qantas inflight safety video

Qantas's new inflight safety video offers a glimpse into how air travel has changed over the past 100 years.

In a homage to 100 years of airline safety, innovation and fashion, Qantas recreated vintage planes and found original crew uniforms to produce the new time-travelling inflight safety video.

Qantas inflight safety video

Each scene moves through a different decade starting from the 1920s, with close attention paid to every last detail to properly capture the look and feel of the era. Replicas of past cabins were brought to life with the addition of original props (including a tea set from the 1940s) and actors donned wigs and moustaches to reflect the popular hairstyles of each era – you'll spot more than a few mullets.

Here are some fun facts:

  • The 1930s canvas life jacket in the Rose Bay, Sydney, scene is  one of only two of its kind still in existence. Life jackets of that era came with gas canisters for inflation.
  • Alastair Fysh, the grandson of Qantas co-founder Hudson Fysh, is in the 1940s scene waving to passengers (he’s in a brown fedora).
  • Uniforms worn in the video were sourced from the Qantas Heritage Collection, retired staff and museums, plus op shops around the country (the items for the 1980s scene came from Longreach).
  • The 1970s upper deck lounge was entirely rebuilt. To match the fabrics, wall panels from a retired 747-200 were flown to a company in Victoria that makes Qantas’s upholstery.

You'll be able to see the new video onboard all Qantas flights from 1 March.

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